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m15o πŸ“° 1 hour ago

Just subscribed to melon's newsletter!

asciibene 😎 2 hours ago

Working on an assembler for the ti voyage 200 (m68k)

theenderdraco ✏️ 2 hours ago

why does my finger hurt. like not even the whole hand it's just the right pointer finger that aches for no discernible reason

grim πŸ₯Ί 6 hours ago

feeling better after a shower, as always. felt rly gross today.

sunnymuffins πŸ€’ 7 hours ago

Anybody know how to get tested for covid without putting everyone else at risk? It could also be the flu but that shit sucks too.

ice πŸ’‘ 11 hours ago

I bought a new light bulb

soloken 🍺 11 hours ago

DnD day

marzka πŸ₯° 15 hours ago

planning to cook lentil soup later, life's alright yk

zeeslag πŸ₯§ 20 hours ago

I am now eating a delicious piece of pie.

sweatloaf πŸ“Ί 23 hours ago

SNL really sucked tonight!

neonriser πŸ™‚ 1 day ago

A new semester in college, a new start!

starbreaker 🍺 1 day ago

Three cans of hard cider was probably at least two too many, but they were going to expire today and I didn't want them to go to waste.

shotaro πŸ“° 1 day ago

waitin for sungtaro unit T_T by march or april… it will definitely be here …. right?

benjaminhollon πŸ€” 1 day ago

Just started learning Rust. Looks fun!

xandra πŸ˜› 2 days ago

looks like we need a status wrapper on the homepage XD

vorthk β˜• 2 days ago

forgot psswrd on first access but here i go - thx m15o nice place

melon πŸ’‘ 2 days ago

I am thinking of a cool mini project!

nightdrift ✨ 2 days ago

Lots of nice little things happening today ^^

phoebos πŸ• 2 days ago

every couple of weeks i remember this place

aoeu πŸŒ™ 2 days ago

I've slowly been fixing up my sleep schedule as of lately.

cinni πŸ€’ 3 days ago

came down with a fever last night T_T im feelin a little better now but boy am i fatigued

dawnvoid πŸ™‚ 5 days ago

Why is ohio so cold :/

shy πŸ‘€ 5 days ago

you ever eat so much fish you start worrying about mercury poisoning lol

cooperationiskey 🎨 6 days ago

Kinda wanna be creative but I have no ideas. :T

obspogon ✨ 7 days ago

Got a new phone

edisondotme 😎 7 days ago

Just cooked a really good steak and ate it, life is good.

socktopus πŸ™‚ 8 days ago

Installing Archo Linux

fuzzywave πŸ™‚ 10 days ago

alllllmost finished with my new homepage. so close!

supergrizzlybear 🎢 10 days ago

Playing Trash Quest, a "compact" metroidvania. The music is great.

olav β›΅ 11 days ago

Gone sailing (in my dreams)

neauoire β›΅ 11 days ago


changelog πŸ“° 11 days ago

The email link now uses "mailto:". Thanks @zeeslag for the suggestion!

bad 😱 11 days ago

I have tons of homework and I'm too lazy to do them

username 12 days ago

Over 400 statuses have been posted!

watercurses 🎢 13 days ago

listening to animal collective while drinking coffee in a weirdly thick cup

coriander 😴 14 days ago

wishing you all a restful start to the week

textwall ✨ 16 days ago

happy new year

duck ✨ 16 days ago

happy new year

krkz ❀️ 17 days ago

this is cool

rina 😴 17 days ago

sleepy and bored, the usual for me tbh

nick ✏️ 19 days ago

@username post on r/hnblogs

icg ✨ 20 days ago

let's put some happy little test.

misery πŸ’€ 29 days ago

maybe i'll finally get back to work on my pride pixel project...

workerant πŸ™‚ 32 days ago

Watched the 1984 Dune movie with Missus. Not bad.

martin πŸ“– 32 days ago

Reading Schismatrix

alex πŸ• 33 days ago


dream πŸ“° 34 days ago

Reading the news

tatterdemalion 😴 34 days ago

I need a weekend to recover from this weekend. And not in a fun way.

eaplmx 🎼 38 days ago

Nice winter music to finish the 'working day'

f4yded πŸ’€ 38 days ago

idk how to work this website im losing my mind wtf is an rss reader plz

doctorscreech πŸ™‚ 41 days ago

Hosting a NetSpeed port on my profile. Click on my name and play! (hey are you supposed to be able to embed scripts?)

goodasa 😴 41 days ago

내일 좜근!! γ… γ… 

ponpon πŸ™‚ 42 days ago


agg πŸ™‚ 43 days ago


mario 😴 43 days ago

Super bored at work here....

harmony 😯 43 days ago

i think that suggestions nice username :o

paolo πŸ™‚ 43 days ago

trying to revert the being vs. doing thing, hence changing position on the chessboard. at least for a while.