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riverbankwillow 💤 1 hour ago

Good lord streaming is exhausting... fun but now i want to hide in my cave for a week

riverbankwillow ✏️ 5 days ago

haven't worked on my website in a while feels horrible this needs to change

riverbankwillow 😎 7 days ago

Recovering from surgery. Doctor proscribed gaming

riverbankwillow 💻 11 days ago

FINALLY HAVE GOOD INTERNET time to game and hang out

riverbankwillow 🌱 12 days ago

Went for a bike ride for the first time in forever. Feels awesome can't wait to go again tomorrow if the weather allows for it

riverbankwillow 🎮 17 days ago

Steam summer sale shopping went great! New games enjoyable for 10000 years!

riverbankwillow ✏️ 18 days ago

back to that grind (art that i love making) :)