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auden 🌈 2 days ago

so grateful for the people in my life :]

auden 🥳 11 days ago

its my birthday! woohoo 21!

auden ✏️ 26 days ago

animating on paper!! so many frames!

auden 🎶 57 days ago

DARE - Gorillaz

auden 🎨 60 days ago

van gogh teddy bear my beloved

auden 🌈 63 days ago

ive come out the barbie movie a new man

auden 🤒 64 days ago

dissociation... blarg

auden 🌈 66 days ago

i may be silly

auden 💾 71 days ago

beep boop bop

auden 🌱 75 days ago

need to summon the strength to start cleaning and packing!!

auden 🌈 78 days ago

sorry i died!! prepping to move!!

auden 🤒 85 days ago

cramps.... pain and suffering....

auden 🎨 88 days ago

rendering is so much fun i love art

auden ❤️ 88 days ago

night with the boyfriend!!

auden 🤒 88 days ago

anxiety is lame and financial aid is scary!!

auden 💻 90 days ago

working on my art website and having a wonderful time

auden ☀️ 90 days ago

just got back from swimming, i love the water so much <3