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HI neocities coming soon I'M WOKRING ON IT!!

when i pick the onigiri emoji it's because idk which else to pick


ada ✨ 4 hours ago

my website isn't online yet but I love looking at it.. it's so pwettyy I can't wait to start hosting it!

ada 🥗 18 hours ago

these days it's just one paella after the other

ada 🍙 1 day ago

I am never self-depricating, I just have high standards and am Very Strict. I'm like a father to me

ada 🤔 2 days ago

alone with my dad and he filled the bathtub with soil and cracked an egg with a hammer??

ada 🌈 4 days ago

my cyan and magenta gouache paints have something homosexual going on I can feel it

ada 🎷 6 days ago

never watched pulp fiction but the soundtrack goes hard

ada 💀 6 days ago

guess who's been wide awake since 2:40 and has to leave for class in an hour!

ada 🐱 7 days ago

forget the eclipse it's my cat's 13th birthday today

ada ✨ 8 days ago

changed me timetable to have mondays off yayayay

ada 🍙 8 days ago

i don't want to go back to colleg i hate it there

ada 📚 9 days ago

ok once i figure out how to write a meet-cute for my old men it will be over for you binches. i'll rule the goddamn world

ada 🌧️ 10 days ago


ada 🥗 10 days ago

made a fucking paella

ada 🍙 11 days ago

as a kid i used to be scared of the guy from dan vs. (i guess he's dan?) because his shirt said jerk so i assumed he was a meanie head

ada 🙃 12 days ago

i just shed an actual happy tear thinking about my blorbo too hard, i have never experienced this level of insanity before, am I gonna die?

ada 🍺 13 days ago

tf2 will never be like it used to be in 2012-2014. Sad! well there's other games