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hey there!! im cyd! i luv drawing, listening 2 music, & everything sweet n cute! o(≧∇≦o)
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cydthezombie 🙃 23 days ago

my computer needs to understand that i cannot uninstall something with my terminal if my terminal refuses to open.

cydthezombie 🌱 30 days ago

been playing through Pikmin 3 co-op with my mum, and we're very close to finishing it!! it's been so fun :D

cydthezombie 🎮 36 days ago

finally finished scanning the ruff trigger manual!! going to be uploading it to my site later :3

cydthezombie 🎶 46 days ago

today my brother gave me his old speakers because he got some new ones! gotta love getting free stuff :)

cydthezombie 😭 56 days ago

why on earth does my latest album have over 200 views?? it's so low quality that it doesn't even use stereo audio!

cydthezombie 🎶 62 days ago

i'm having SO much fun adding harmonica to random sections of my songs. before long i'll be unironically incorporating a kazoo into the mix.

cydthezombie 🥱 74 days ago

I hate to say it, but I'm going to have to write a whole lot of HTML tomorrow and it's going to be BORING!! (It's for school)

cydthezombie ❤️ 79 days ago

currently stunlocked by schoolwork and am still sore from playing samba de amigo but also i have so much love and inspiration in my heart!!!

cydthezombie 🙂 91 days ago

totally forgot there was a canonically nonbinary moshi monsters character. huh.

cydthezombie ❤️ 106 days ago

i love Ristar!! such a pretty game :D

cydthezombie 📺 113 days ago

i've finally finished watching all three 90's north american sonic cartoons! guess i have to move onto Sonic X now... sigh...

cydthezombie 😎 119 days ago

the best thing about being a fan of an unpopular animal crossing villager is that you can get their amiibo card for super cheap!!

cydthezombie ✏️ 154 days ago

i'm having so much fun making garbage ms paint drawings for a new project!!!

cydthezombie 📚 207 days ago

finished and submitted a big assignment today! i have a weird lil test to take tomorrow, but afterwards i'll be free~

cydthezombie ✏️ 214 days ago

just spent 4 (or maybe 5) hours just drawing. my hand hurts so much!!!

cydthezombie 😡 217 days ago

i got SO close to playing Shadow The Hedgehog, but my xbox 360 crashed mid-cutscene. i hate this console so much, man.

cydthezombie 🙂 227 days ago

might try to buy some rechargeable AA batteries because my Panasonic DMC-LS80 LUMIX goes through them like they're nothing!!

cydthezombie 📺 239 days ago

just spent 2 hours making fun of the fnaf movie. good times.

cydthezombie 😎 244 days ago

you BET i bought Waku Waku Sweets the second i noticed it was 90% off!!!

cydthezombie 🎶 253 days ago

that's it. the next album i make will consist only of poor-quality recordings of my songs using my nokia flip-phone's voice memos app.

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