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hey there!! im cyd! i luv drawing, listening 2 music, & everything sweet n cute! o(≧∇≦o)
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cydthezombie ✏️ 33 days ago

i'm having so much fun making garbage ms paint drawings for a new project!!!

cydthezombie 📚 86 days ago

finished and submitted a big assignment today! i have a weird lil test to take tomorrow, but afterwards i'll be free~

cydthezombie ✏️ 93 days ago

just spent 4 (or maybe 5) hours just drawing. my hand hurts so much!!!

cydthezombie 😡 97 days ago

i got SO close to playing Shadow The Hedgehog, but my xbox 360 crashed mid-cutscene. i hate this console so much, man.

cydthezombie 🙂 106 days ago

might try to buy some rechargeable AA batteries because my Panasonic DMC-LS80 LUMIX goes through them like they're nothing!!

cydthezombie 📺 118 days ago

just spent 2 hours making fun of the fnaf movie. good times.

cydthezombie 😎 123 days ago

you BET i bought Waku Waku Sweets the second i noticed it was 90% off!!!

cydthezombie 🎶 132 days ago

that's it. the next album i make will consist only of poor-quality recordings of my songs using my nokia flip-phone's voice memos app.

cydthezombie 🎮 146 days ago

oh wow the new Sonic Frontiers update kinda sucks

cydthezombie 💻 153 days ago

checking to see whether my devices' clocks have automatically changed for daylight savings, or if i need to do that myself...

cydthezombie 🎮 166 days ago

i forgot how much i love Shining Force!! how did one difficult battle stop me from playing it for months???

cydthezombie ✏️ 177 days ago

just completed some writing for school n feeling pretty happy about it!! but now i have 5 more things to write about...

cydthezombie ❤️ 205 days ago

my hello kitty desk lamp was delivered 2day!! its vry cute!

cydthezombie ❄️ 209 days ago

listening 2 shibuya-kei & playing acnh early in the morning!!

cydthezombie 🥰 226 days ago

bought a new tamagotchi with a super cute shell!!!

cydthezombie 🥳 233 days ago

i finally got a sim card for my flip phone!!!

cydthezombie 🎶 242 days ago

bro i've listened to "Other Planet" by Aeroplane more times in the last few days than i've made Ruff Trigger references in my entire life

cydthezombie 🙂 249 days ago

decided to try out Shining Force, and it's actually really fun!

cydthezombie 😎 264 days ago

Sonic '06 is actually really fun! I've been having a great time playing it.

cydthezombie 😡 266 days ago

been trying to buy Sonic '06, but the xbox 360 store doesn't recognise my address -_- im considering paying 30 bucks for a physical copy

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