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my name is french for sky/heaven; i'm just some guy


ciel 😶 13 days ago

every website needs a de-bloat feature to turn off the thousands of unnecessary scripts. my internet is slow!

ciel 🐱 34 days ago

grrr i wish i could get back into being more active here oh no

ciel 🐱 71 days ago

im alive!!!!!!!!!!

ciel 🥹 118 days ago

am Not employed. incoming long blog post since i've not done anything on my site in ages :(

ciel 😇 122 days ago

had an interview yesterday and it went well i think! i may be about to join the ranks of the employed

ciel 😶 132 days ago

am now the kind of person who quotes oblivion npcs while going about my daily tasks

ciel 🔥 136 days ago

less than a week until i see alaskalaska!!!

ciel 😭 141 days ago

job hunting.........

ciel 😎 144 days ago

franz queefka

ciel 🙂 149 days ago

got woken up this morning because i turned over and my leg brushed against something cold and wet. it was cat vomit...on..the...bed......

ciel 🥹 155 days ago

applied for a JOB to get MONEY thoughts & prayers appreciated (im 100% not religious but i'll take anything i can)

ciel 🥺 156 days ago

if anyone has tumblr, i remade and want to use it more as an actual social media... like talk to people etc

ciel 🌈 160 days ago

dream job: emotional support clown that comes with you to your disciplinary meetings at work

ciel 💀 165 days ago

not sure what ive even been doing the last several days

ciel 🥹 172 days ago

im probably gonna not be able to get a tattoo this year either...

ciel 🌈 173 days ago

1 month until 1 year with my bf \(^q^)/

ciel 😭 174 days ago

it's soooo hot!!!!

ciel 💡 175 days ago

'sextrance' is a great name for a music genre lmao

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