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amatuer photographer, ex-hikkineet, part time elf, stuff-doer, queer, emo


ciel 🥳 2 days ago

gonna be working at stuff seeing mogwai, slowdive, and madness over the next few weeks! :D

ciel 😡 6 days ago

on my knees begging activist orgs to have actual websites instead of just a fucking IG account!

ciel 🤔 10 days ago

not everybody is cut out 2 be a video essayist and that is ok

ciel 🤐 25 days ago

i always want to talk about what im *about* to do irl but i know it's 10000% safer to only talk about what ive just done. ugghhh

ciel ✨ 37 days ago

im so happy :-) i have a job & sort of a social life and 2 concerts to look forward to

ciel 🥳 38 days ago


ciel 🥹 38 days ago

having to choose broadband packages... kills me dead. but maybe it's time to not scrounge free internet w a booster out of the window

ciel 🥱 46 days ago

ppl learn that my mum doesn't have my # and made a discord 2 stay in contact w me + u see them go ohh. u were serious. abt being bad at msgs

ciel 🌙 47 days ago

i hope i arrive before tesco closes... but i probably won't :(

ciel 🐱 48 days ago

i love cats & bein cosy :-)

ciel ✨ 49 days ago

may the fourth be with you - it is also my second top surgery anniversary! 4 realz

ciel 🎶 52 days ago

i need music recs. of any kind, particularly music that's been released recently so i can stop being cynical about the present

ciel 🙂 60 days ago

just learnt the term 'acubi' and it's weird af - there's an aesthetic name for how i've dressed 4 years now!!!

ciel 🤐 65 days ago

accidentally succeeded in killing a fly in my hand

ciel 🥹 66 days ago


ciel 🙂 69 days ago

started playing one way heroics + rewatching sel :-)

ciel 🔥 69 days ago

that job got back to me and offered me a conditional position!!! i just have to pass a bg check now oof

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