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amatuer photographer, ex-hikkineet, part time elf, stuff-doer, queer, emo


ciel 💻 68 days ago

playing machinarium - a lil point and click about cute robots! recommend!!

ciel 🍏 70 days ago

was woken up by construction at 8.30 :(... i had yogurt and berries for breakfast, i forgot how good that is

ciel 📰 71 days ago

reading the news is very depressing! wow! there are people out there who think at age 24 i am still not old enough 2 know my own gender

ciel ✨ 71 days ago

made a shitty button; updating my links page weeoo

ciel 💡 72 days ago

having that issue where there are so many things i wanna do that i do none of them at all

ciel 🥹 73 days ago

sometimes throwing up is just drinking vodka in reverse

ciel 🎶 74 days ago

going 2 a punk show raising money for mental health charitites today (braindance @ broadcast)

ciel 😛 75 days ago

added an email address to my profile/site to facilitate internet friendship classic style :D email me abt TES lore or 2 exchange recipes idk

ciel 😯 75 days ago

didn't get the last job i interviwed for bc the org's budget got cut and they couldn't take as many ppl as they wanted (twas mh related)

ciel 🤩 75 days ago

looking at my vinted balance of £39.20 like wooooow look how fucking rich i am

ciel 📚 78 days ago

does anyone else respond to stress by wanting to get rid of all your possessions and becoming a nomad?

ciel 🐱 78 days ago

had an interview yesterday, and a mock interview for a different role tomorrow. it's so hard being a person

ciel 🥳 95 days ago

gonna see mass of the fermenting dregs tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!

ciel 😂 99 days ago

internet problems :(

ciel 📺 105 days ago

i do not appreciate youtube always reccing me random video essays

ciel 🥱 106 days ago

oh yeah, i had the misfortune of being awoken by construction sometime *before 8am* ... truly despicable

ciel 💻 106 days ago

downloading pics from my insta to put on the site instead yay :) nearly a decade of pics lmao. this is taking a while

ciel 💡 107 days ago

i love baking......... maybe i should be recipes on my site

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