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my name is french for sky/heaven; i'm just some guy


ciel 😭 95 days ago

i'll fix the index page later -__-

ciel 🌙 97 days ago

it's 00:19 and i am 0.000000002 seconds away from scrapping the layout of the whole site GOOD NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ciel 😡 97 days ago

i hate paypal!!!!!!!!

ciel 🤔 97 days ago

~1 week's worth of clothes + occasionwear, per season of the year, is really all you 'need' imo. (note: luxury isn't evil)

ciel 🍞 99 days ago

nom nom nom (oh noo there's no option for a cake emoji)

ciel 🍕 102 days ago

for tea we are having mushroom, pineapple, and vegan bacon pizza, which is my favourite :3

ciel 🌧️ 102 days ago

pretty awful imo that nipples aren't free and skirts are still gendered

ciel 🎤 103 days ago

gonna see my bf's sister's band later! :D

ciel 🎨 105 days ago

considering making some kinda charms/pins from resin or maybe just getting into kandi...

ciel 🎲 108 days ago

gonna try selling stuff on ebay. lots of anime figs + some emo stuff i've aesthetically outgrown :) i need money

ciel ✨ 109 days ago

you ever have a nightmare and wake up completely changed? blue went from one of my least fav colours to favourite

ciel 🍞 109 days ago

cheese & pickle sandwiches >>>>>>>>>

ciel 🥹 111 days ago

first update to my site (it's a blog post) in over a week!

ciel 😶 112 days ago

got misgendered at tesco after a day of job searching and am now terrified for that discussion when i get interviews...

ciel 🥳 113 days ago

saw 8 shows and am now very poor! hopefully we'll be going back 2 edi again at some point before the fringe is over

ciel ✨ 116 days ago

aw, 10,000 views!!

ciel 🤩 116 days ago

we're planning to see 10 shows in 2 days, thoughts & prayers for my brain and liver appreciated

ciel 🥱 116 days ago

the voodoo rooms in edinbourgh is an incredible place. i overdid it somewhat however and am sooo sleepy today

ciel 🤒 118 days ago

i signed up to flucamp to see if they'll let me get infected with illnesses for science ^__^

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