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I like working on my little projects


zagura 💻 1 day ago

worst thing about my programming uni assignments is that many of them make me write a lot of boilerplate code

zagura 💻 1 day ago

gtk development is kinda frustrating ngl

zagura 😶 3 days ago

i think i'll have to make a twitter account just to keep up with spanish politics :(

zagura 🥳 12 days ago

OMGG discord added my most desired feature: favorite channels!!!

zagura 🤒 13 days ago

i think im getting quite sick

zagura 🙂 21 days ago

got back into gtk development, im soooo happyyyyy

zagura 🤩 25 days ago

liberation serif is becoming my favorite font

zagura 🙃 25 days ago

just cut my nails (from long claws to like 2 mm of the white part), and it feels soooo trippy

zagura 😡 26 days ago

discord is soo painfully slow again

zagura ✏️ 26 days ago

slowly redoing my conlang, now with cases and conjugations

zagura 😎 29 days ago

my website's status widget works now! it was a CSP problem

zagura 🙂 29 days ago

added a custom status widget to my page, but it doesn't work from my phone rn for some reason

zagura ✏️ 30 days ago

finally got back into drawing after a while of not doing it, it feels nice

zagura ✏️ 30 days ago

cyrillics r killing meee

zagura 🤩 34 days ago

piclog looks soo cool, but i just have nothing to post there

zagura 💻 34 days ago

Realized that an entire programming language is too much for me to make, so im making a little math-oriented lang now

zagura 🙂 37 days ago

changed my homepage again! kinda struggling to achieve that quirky "badly designed" website look

zagura 🙂 46 days ago

decided to try and make a conlang, quite excited about how it's turning out I'm currently revising the vocabulary

zagura 😎 56 days ago

omgomgomg the actix migration seems to be finally working yeeeeeee

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