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I like working on my little projects
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zagura 🍿 10 days ago

Pans & Company has the best fries

zagura 🍿 15 days ago

i want fries

zagura 🍏 15 days ago

feeling a bit salty towards corporate social media and people who stay there despite there being good alternatives

zagura 🙃 17 days ago

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zagura 😱 24 days ago


zagura 💻 42 days ago

working on a gemini+gopher browser

zagura 💻 51 days ago

trying to design a cpu now

zagura 🙂 52 days ago

pls kill me

zagura 🙃 52 days ago

wow theyre teaching us git on the last trimester of the second year of CS

zagura 🙃 52 days ago

uni just started again and im already disappointed

zagura 🙂 85 days ago

i've been making a tile-based ascii walking simulator lately... and it's using vulkan in the backend yiiis, i feel smart c:

zagura 🙂 109 days ago

im sooo tempted to start another project rn!!, but i must persevere

zagura 💻 113 days ago

making some progress on my programming language

zagura 😎 145 days ago

Completely redesigned my website for 2024

zagura 😎 146 days ago

redesigning my entire website to be black & white rn, I've become kind of obsessed with b&w design lately

zagura 🙂 161 days ago

feeling much better than a week or so ago

zagura 💀 185 days ago

just gonna try getting a full time job and skip uni, im just so done xd

zagura ✨ 206 days ago

Went to sleep at 20 yesterday, apparently what was making me wanna cry all the time was partly sleep deprivation

zagura 🙃 238 days ago

regretting my choice of career path a LOT

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