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sal0me 🌙 1 day ago

so depressed about life and stuff but someone brought me a whole loaf of freshly baked sourdough

sal0me 🙂 1 day ago

the concept of an aura is so poetic

sal0me 🍫 2 days ago

addicted to chocolate croissant

sal0me 💀 3 days ago

u dizzy bitch

sal0me 🤖 7 days ago

girl why is my page broken

sal0me 😭 7 days ago

is there some kind of utz pickle chip shortage

sal0me 🌙 8 days ago

sal0me 👽 8 days ago

i am not at all a fan of magical thinking but it seems i cannot function without some level of delusion

sal0me 🤖 9 days ago

should i go for walk today?

sal0me 💀 9 days ago

drew barrymore is a scab. that was the last celeb i trusted those bitches are DONE in my book

sal0me 💤 9 days ago

what tf should I make for dinner

sal0me 🌧️ 9 days ago

oh say it ditto

sal0me 🤔 11 days ago

everything is annoying tf out of me today

sal0me ☕️ 14 days ago

my doggie sees whatever my current knitting project is and she's like "oh blankie for me?"

sal0me 💤 15 days ago

i feel rlly stupid today. and my knees hurt :/

sal0me 🏂 17 days ago

i can watch a little bit of unhinged true crime YouTube as a treat

sal0me 🎨 18 days ago

all art supplies should be free

sal0me 💀 18 days ago

i respect being ghosted but i never exchange socials w people i meet on dating apps so sometimes it just feels like they died

sal0me ⛵ 19 days ago

Google fish socks

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