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sal0me 🌈 18 hours ago

do do do doot do, do do doot do dooooooo

sal0me 🤖 1 day ago

jst remembered i can use emulators and download roms on my phone i LOVE technology

sal0me ☕️ 2 days ago

addicted to dunkin donuts it's like rlly bad

sal0me 🌧️ 3 days ago


sal0me 💤 4 days ago

deep space nine and then sleepy fr

sal0me 💤 5 days ago

kinda sleepu

sal0me 🌈 5 days ago

making a rlly cute hat

sal0me 🤖 6 days ago

soooooooooo FUCKING BORED

sal0me ❄️ 8 days ago

need it bad

sal0me 🌱 8 days ago

love chickpeas sm

sal0me 💔 10 days ago

why did spotify replace the heart symbol....i have so much love to give

sal0me ☀️ 10 days ago

i miss being tan

sal0me 🤒 11 days ago

im so sick

sal0me 🤔 14 days ago

idk there was some kinda mix up. im not supposed to be human i should be someone's well cared for pet rabbit

sal0me 💀 15 days ago


sal0me 🌈 15 days ago


sal0me 🤖 15 days ago

should i get a new ac adapter for my switch if they're making a fucking switch two

sal0me 🙂 16 days ago

ate so much candy today

sal0me 🙂 17 days ago

making macing cheese

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