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Devin/23/She I am the size of one grain of rice >


sal0me 🎤 1 day ago

falafel dinner decreased my hp SIGNIFICANTLY what's that abt

sal0me 😭 2 days ago

hungry but nothing sounds good rn

sal0me 🙂 2 days ago

i hate my shitty cringe fail life

sal0me 🌈 4 days ago

having fun coding but also it makes me nervous... trusting the process is hard!!

sal0me 🙂 4 days ago

keep clenching my jaw to stop myself frm crying but then my teeth hort SO BAD surely crying would be better

sal0me 🍫 4 days ago

i like the idea of gummy candy more than the real experience

sal0me 😡 5 days ago

whoever designed the new anti homeless train seating for ny ur so fucking evil

sal0me 🌱 7 days ago


sal0me ☀️ 9 days ago

wait im free

sal0me 🌧️ 9 days ago

it literally feels like someone is sitting on my chest

sal0me 🌈 9 days ago

is my page cute be honest

sal0me 💤 10 days ago

what if i took a solo trip

sal0me 🙃 10 days ago

can't stop moving my left (yarn holding) arm while I crochet and it's fucking up my shoulder so bad help me

sal0me 💻 11 days ago

gonna find an animal crossing rom 4 my phone

sal0me 🤐 14 days ago

this is not normal i need to calm down

sal0me 💻 16 days ago

ik twitter has porn but its not the SAAAMEEEE

sal0me 💻 16 days ago

i kinda miss the era where you would scroll tumblr and randomly see gifs of ppl getting railed

sal0me 🌧️ 16 days ago

it's raining so hard rn

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