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its me. jackie. im one of them neocities peeps he/her or she/him. im 18


foolsparadise 🙃 16 days ago

i love doing my makeup, but the outcome is never pretty.

foolsparadise 🥰 23 days ago

im in a good mood today! wingstop this weekend hopefully!

foolsparadise 🥱 29 days ago

brunch with my parents today? who knows

foolsparadise 💤 36 days ago

buffalo wild wings this weekend LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

foolsparadise 😎 57 days ago

first rule of fight club is...well...i shant say

foolsparadise 🤐 89 days ago

wingstop this wednesday? its more likely than you think

foolsparadise 💀 114 days ago

will i ever live a life thats not miserable? its unlikely.

foolsparadise 😡 119 days ago

had the taco bell and my idiot dad completely ruined my order. thinking of killing him

foolsparadise 🌮 121 days ago

so excited for the weekend. hopefully i can get some taco bell on friday

foolsparadise 🐶 123 days ago

having nachos for dinner. maybe ill watch a movie?

foolsparadise 🍔 127 days ago

just ate onion rings a hamburger and chili from steak and shake i feel like im gonna bloowwww

foolsparadise 🌈 128 days ago

i MIGHT be the only tmbg fan ever btw

foolsparadise ☀️ 141 days ago

i got the comfiest and cutest jacket for christmas. plus a cool pair of pants. the jacket has a sun and moon on it!!

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