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its me. jackie. im one of them neocities peeps he/her or she/him. im 18


foolsparadise 🌙 1 day ago

new site index is finished and im feelin fine... hoping i can do some more stuff tomorrow!

foolsparadise 💀 9 days ago

feeling frail as hell today, can barely keep enough energy together to sit at my desk let alone draw anything.

foolsparadise 😡 29 days ago

hoping to get my new homepage up tonight

foolsparadise 🎶 41 days ago

listening to a lot of music from my childhood lately...and rewatching sherlock bbc

foolsparadise 🌙 66 days ago

keep forgetting to take my prozac at the right time and more of my time is spent sleeping than doing anything else...

foolsparadise 🤩 96 days ago

getting into seinfeld and the beatles at the same time has to be some sort of curse the universe put on me

foolsparadise 🥹 98 days ago

i cant get anything done at all and on top of that im on my period this shit dumb as hell

foolsparadise 🤒 99 days ago

goatlings and adhd. disastrous mix

foolsparadise 🌈 100 days ago

woahhh im using status cafe. ive been signed up this whole time and am only now putting it on my site woooo