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its me. jackie. im one of them neocities peeps he/her or she/him. im 18


foolsparadise 🐶 158 days ago

having nachos for dinner. maybe ill watch a movie?

foolsparadise 🍔 162 days ago

just ate onion rings a hamburger and chili from steak and shake i feel like im gonna bloowwww

foolsparadise 🌈 163 days ago

i MIGHT be the only tmbg fan ever btw

foolsparadise ☀️ 177 days ago

i got the comfiest and cutest jacket for christmas. plus a cool pair of pants. the jacket has a sun and moon on it!!

foolsparadise 💻 183 days ago


foolsparadise ☀️ 192 days ago

its my birthday today!! im 19!

foolsparadise 💻 196 days ago

making progress on the blog? birthdays in 4 days.

foolsparadise 😴 212 days ago

oh my god i cannot work on my site for the life of me. eventually. eventually

foolsparadise 🔥 228 days ago

recovering from le sickness...monkeeing around the whole time. new blog will be finished SOON. it MUST!

foolsparadise 😱 230 days ago

im probably getting sick. UGH!!!!!

foolsparadise 🍫 235 days ago

i had such a great halloween! i watched movies with my parents and ate candy and snacks

foolsparadise 🌧️ 236 days ago

im so close to remaking my blog i can almost feel it

foolsparadise 🧋 239 days ago

got my halloween costume just in being egon from ghostbusters!! i also got some starbucks and a pumpkin yesterday too.

foolsparadise 💀 245 days ago

ugh this chicken and biscuit soup SUCKS. my dad CANNOT cook

foolsparadise ❄️ 252 days ago

so touch starved and the only man i want is dead

foolsparadise 😂 252 days ago

its comical the way tragedy befalls me

foolsparadise 🌈 256 days ago

i love pisces aquarius capricorn by the monkees, oh my gosh its such an amazing album...

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