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...joel, i'm not a concept. too many guys think i'm a concept or i complete them or i'm going to make them alive, but i'm just a fucked up girl who is looking for my own peace of mind.


sydnia 🎲 3 days ago

aka i'm relapsin' to my old habits (god forbid women have hobbies)

sydnia 🌙 3 days ago

with or without you

sydnia 🙂 6 days ago

what are we fighting for?

sydnia 🥱 10 days ago

what to wear to lunch...

sydnia 👀 22 days ago

is he really asleep or is he talking to other women?

sydnia ☀️ 32 days ago

yapping a lot on the site

sydnia ☀️ 41 days ago

my ̶y̶e̶a̶r̶ century of rest and relaxation

sydnia 🌧️ 44 days ago

dream a little dream of me :)

sydnia 🏂 45 days ago

i love the inconsistency in design throughout the pages

sydnia 📺 47 days ago

memories... like the corners of my mind... of the way we were...!

sydnia 💤 57 days ago

probably one of the worst sleeps in my life

sydnia 💡 58 days ago

thinking about the clean girl aesthetic: friend or foe?

sydnia 🎶 60 days ago

if i fall in love with all my problems, will they leave me too?

sydnia 📖 65 days ago

giving office siren realness in library right now (/hj)

sydnia 🌙 66 days ago

how am i tired after a 5 hour nap be fr