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welcome to my DOMAIN...


tyoma 🌈 3 days ago

psych upped my prozac and now i'm on adderall xr. here's hoping this helps!

tyoma 💀 3 days ago

*deep sigh* fine... i probably SHOULD reoptimize my main site

tyoma 🙂 6 days ago

developing my page at nekoweb.org... god for an artist i sure suck ass at picking colors!!!

tyoma 👽 14 days ago

making grandpa listen to limp bizkit

tyoma 😭 15 days ago

mom might be giving me her old xp desktop but my room is already so cluttered!!!

tyoma 🙂 17 days ago

thinking about how i destroyed my thick & curly tangle teezer because my hair is THAT DIFFICULT ... will the wide tooth comb come thru 4 me?

tyoma 😱 20 days ago

video games ARE dangerous because i wanna kill someone for making me break my full combo in muse dash RIGHT AT THE ENDDDD

tyoma 🤔 21 days ago

need to find a new way to arrange my gallery!!!

tyoma 🥳 22 days ago


tyoma 🤔 26 days ago

maybe chatgpt would be useful to chop up my run-on sentence use...