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I am an artist and coding enthusiast who is an enjoyer of video games, medias, phantom thieves, and big big fan of hot wheels.
(background by tomiyeee on tumblr) this user loves hot wheels acceleracers


toastado 🔥 20 hours ago

ordering stuff online always makes me so nervous cause i fear when its gonna come in waaah, anyways working out rn

toastado 🛹 1 day ago

bought a surfskate!! hope all goes well

toastado 💔 3 days ago

having lots of shoulder and back pain lately and idk why,, havent been able to solve it

toastado 🙃 5 days ago

gotta find places to skate cause theres no sidewalks here and all the roads and drive ways are cracked, lol lmao love terrible city planning

toastado ✏️ 6 days ago

starting a logbook today, lets see if i can get into this habit

toastado ✨ 8 days ago

starting to put some money on the side so i can buy a surf skate!! yahoo!!

toastado 🌧️ 10 days ago

its been raining since last night and the power went out a few times

toastado 🛹 12 days ago

thinking about what surf skate to buy, need to be sure of my stance width before i commit, i think i get the triton signal

toastado 🛹 14 days ago

going outside to learn skateboarding for an hour in 100 degree F weather was not my brightest idea but fuck it we skate

toastado 💻 15 days ago

been thinking about changing the url on my personal tumblr blog, and thinking about making a side blog dedicated to official hw content

toastado 🔥 18 days ago

why did the temp go back up to 100 F, stop it go back down it too hot out here

toastado 🥳 20 days ago

finally feel relieved of my back pain!!! now i can relax better

toastado ☀️ 21 days ago

im still super sore and hurty but wooh!! i aam refreshed!! gonna take it easy, i guess no workout today

toastado 🌧️ 21 days ago

every time i feel an emotion it just spills out of control,, now i sad and tired,, gonna watch movies to feel better

toastado 🎶 22 days ago

really love hot wheels beat that! ost

toastado ☀️ 22 days ago

it may be fall but im not gonna stop listening to seaside summer jazz, gonna keep the summer vibe yahoo

toastado 🌙 23 days ago

the moon is big and bright tonight

toastado ✅ 24 days ago

finished this week's schoolwork!! now hopefully lets see if i can write some oc stuff,,,, the struggles,,,

toastado 📖 25 days ago

doing schoolwork and thinking of setting up a queue on my tumblr later, and doing some oc writing later,, hopefully

toastado 💻 26 days ago

another attempt will be made on hot wheels world race on ps2 emulator, it seems to lag when other cars are in frame i wonder why

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