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will AKA niceopod AKA deeptwisty

real life isopod


niceopod 😭 18 hours ago

tinnitus moment

niceopod 😊 1 day ago

I like gender actually. this is pretty cool

niceopod :) 1 day ago

Started my ADHD meds today!

niceopod 😎 3 days ago

im like legit chilling rn

niceopod 😡 6 days ago

abolish gender

niceopod 🧇 6 days ago

waffle momence

niceopod 🥳 10 days ago

New headphones arrived!!!!

niceopod 😎 12 days ago

I've updated my RSS filtering tool to support regex!

niceopod ✅ 15 days ago

Now I am become verified

niceopod 🙂 16 days ago

might have a job again soonish. wow!

niceopod 🙂 17 days ago

bruh why do i have to do work

niceopod 😴 20 days ago

im actually tired like actually

niceopod 💀 22 days ago

imagine starting a course and then actually doing it couldn't be me

niceopod 🤐 24 days ago

i should be doing stuff. probably.

niceopod 😯 25 days ago

online college class starts today

niceopod 💀 25 days ago

i am literally so hungy

niceopod 💀 26 days ago

Happy Halloween!

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