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will AKA deeptwisty

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niceopod 🦊 4 days ago

saw a fox on my way home

niceopod 🪑 5 days ago

new desk chair. rated for my weight this time

niceopod 🙃 16 days ago

seep deprived and have to go to work soon. cool

niceopod 😭 35 days ago

sick of being employed no more employed

niceopod 😇 37 days ago

made an explainer on why chrome bad. also redirected chromium browsers on my website to it

niceopod 😒 73 days ago

tumblr on some clown shit today

niceopod ❤️ 74 days ago

yt-dlp my beloved

niceopod 🇨🇦 83 days ago

death to canada

niceopod 🌈 87 days ago

gender identity moment

niceopod 💾 92 days ago

got a network switch for my room

niceopod 😎 101 days ago

discord made me change my name so i changed it to a plug for revolt. lol

niceopod 🐱 113 days ago

took out an ad on pixelcatsend :)

niceopod 👽 119 days ago

oh whoops i exist here lol

niceopod 🙃 137 days ago

what if i didnt have work tomorrow. that would be cool imo

niceopod 😶 146 days ago

my manager should schedule me for fewer shifts imo

niceopod 😎 150 days ago

getting a 3D printer

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