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niceopod 😎 79 days ago

got the coolest fucking glasses ever (they have cat ears on them)

niceopod 💾 96 days ago

nginx is basically a huge pain in the ass to configure

niceopod 🤩 115 days ago

soldered the loose 3.5mm jack on my old headphones back in place and now they work again!

niceopod 😔 137 days ago

work today (cringe)

niceopod 🙂 143 days ago

every so often i consider redesigning my website but honestly what would i even do to improve on this

niceopod 🧐 178 days ago

wait was there christmas?

niceopod 😎 189 days ago

got my horrible fucked up NAS up and running

niceopod 😭 200 days ago

my wobble died :(

niceopod 🤩 216 days ago


niceopod 🥱 221 days ago

Have to be up in 40 minutes & got no sleep. EPIC SAUCE ( ‹ it is lying)

niceopod 🙂 231 days ago

desk increased

niceopod 💾 234 days ago

bought some computer parts for a fucked up project

niceopod 😭 239 days ago

hard drives are too expensive. they should be Cheaper

niceopod 🤩 246 days ago

Dinner of mozzarella Sticks

niceopod 😎 248 days ago

finally have a direct wired connection to my router yayyyyy

niceopod 😎 253 days ago

the vibeful chiller

niceopod 😎 265 days ago

moving from my bedroom into the guest room in my parents' basement. stereotype fulfilled

niceopod 🍕 273 days ago

had convenience store pizza today. it didnt sucked as much as i was expecting

niceopod 🦊 279 days ago

saw a fox on my way home

niceopod 🪑 280 days ago

new desk chair. rated for my weight this time

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