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will AKA niceopod AKA deeptwisty

real life isopod


niceopod 🥺 27 minutes ago

SO many dragonflies outside... incredible. love it

niceopod 🐶 21 hours ago

wait its fucking tueaday. god.

niceopod 😶 2 days ago

I should be looking for a job... but I'm not

niceopod 🤔 5 days ago

might fuck around and question my gender

niceopod 👀 7 days ago

bought some RGB strips for my computer

niceopod 🌱 10 days ago

mowed the lawn today (tired)

niceopod 🔥 10 days ago

please for the love of GOD switch to firefox

niceopod 💀 11 days ago

Just about had enough of this "having a physical form" nonsense

niceopod 😡 12 days ago

why is my tv's color reproduction so aggressively horrible

niceopod 👽 12 days ago

fuck it we ball

niceopod 😶 14 days ago

in a perpetual state of embarrassment over nothing in particular

niceopod 🍕 17 days ago

god im fucking hungy. hold on im gonna go make eggs

niceopod 👀 18 days ago

testing something

niceopod 🎶 18 days ago

been listening to the same foo fighters album on loop for like a week -_-

niceopod 🙂 20 days ago

meeting went fine

niceopod 😭 20 days ago

filled with worry and dread for a meeting later today

niceopod 🌧️ 22 days ago

eating takeout on a city bench in the rain. vibing

niceopod 🥳 22 days ago

New blender update! My AMD gpu is finally supported under linux!

niceopod 😶 22 days ago

yeah so im redesigning my website again

niceopod 😭 24 days ago

stayed up all night making website again...

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