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niceopod 🍕 7 days ago

The good: had leftover pizza to eat at work today; the bad: work today

niceopod 🔪 9 days ago

julius caesar has been dead for a great many slutty slutty years

niceopod 🍔 13 days ago

full of burger

niceopod 💾 18 days ago

working with exif data in PHP sucks lol

niceopod 🥳 20 days ago

3 days off!! yay!!!

niceopod 🍞 21 days ago

grocery moment

niceopod 🙂 23 days ago

discovered something about my house's electrical system today

niceopod 📺 29 days ago

trying to give up mindlessly clicking on youtube recommendations as a regular activity

niceopod 🙂 30 days ago

wow waking up early is cool

niceopod 😭 30 days ago

I wanna 3d print stuff soooo bad but 3d printer expensive and I do not currently have money

niceopod 🙂 32 days ago

had to do the closing shift alone again but it went better this time

niceopod 🤖 33 days ago

updating my VPS

niceopod 🙃 35 days ago

can't i just get money and not have to work please. please

niceopod 🙃 36 days ago

cringe ass job scheduled me for the closing shift ALONE in my second week wtf I am now dying

niceopod 🦷 37 days ago

had a dental filling today

niceopod 📱 38 days ago

graphene os babey!!

niceopod 🎶 41 days ago

every time i listen to my music im like "i should make more music" and then i dont

niceopod 😭 42 days ago

shift is over and my feet still hurt like three and a half hours later

niceopod 🙂 44 days ago

@appledanish someone made a poll with "vanilla extract" as an option and it got like over half the votes and now it's a meme

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