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multimedia moonlord


king 🌧️ 12 days ago


king 🔥 13 days ago

trying to avoid burnout

king ❄️ 22 days ago

got the whole week off and nothing to doooooo

king 😂 26 days ago

fixytext is the funniest jackbox game ever made

king ✨ 33 days ago

fixated on mlpfim for the first time in like. seven years?

king 💀 39 days ago

had to go into work 3hrs early

king 🌈 44 days ago

a gay person's straight ship is the most powerful thing

king 🔥 50 days ago

got too overwhelmed at work today and had to go home early T__T autistic burnout hit HARD this weekend for like no reason

king 💤 60 days ago

in need of more sleep

king 🌧️ 82 days ago

i haaaaaaate the closing shift at work

king 🌧️ 88 days ago

coming to terms with the past

king 🌈 92 days ago

assembled a new dresser all by myself ^_^

king 🎲 93 days ago

was only scheduled for 2 days of work next week =_=

king ✨ 94 days ago

phighters on status stream rn? worm? team dove btw :3

king 🌙 94 days ago

testing to see how this new thing im coding looks on my neocities oooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooo wagdsgsdvsdgsdfsfasdfdfbv

king 🌧️ 102 days ago

already ready for february to end

king ❄️ 133 days ago

actual worst workshift of my life today. what the fuck was that

king 💤 150 days ago

working new years day blargh

king 🔥 162 days ago


king 🔥 166 days ago

semester ending and a new job beginning this week ...

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