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damned, daniel! back at it again in the ninth circle of hell


king 🌧️ 5 hours ago

hoping the weather gets better soon...

king 💾 3 days ago

planning to build my own pc...

king 🥳 7 days ago

done with the semester!

king 💀 8 days ago

my HLVRAI fixation is back

king 📖 9 days ago

got a new book!

king 🥰 10 days ago

very proud of that presentation

king 🥳 10 days ago

hello, tech class!

king ✏️ 11 days ago

gotta work on my e-portfolio soon

king 😴 15 days ago

one more week!

king 🥳 17 days ago

my neocities is (nearly) fully functional

king 🤒 19 days ago

battling the hell outta this headcold

king 😴 24 days ago

officially out of spoons

king 😱 24 days ago

meeting a dnd group tomorrow aaaaaaaaa

king 💀 25 days ago

dreading this other speech i have to write

king 🥺 29 days ago

had the best ramen of my life yesterday

king 😡 31 days ago

guuuh have to write a speech for class

king ✅ 39 days ago

linked my neocities to discord finally lol

king 🥰 40 days ago

neil banging out the tunes...

king 😡 42 days ago

hair feels icky for no reason?!?!?

king 💀 52 days ago

napped for too long and was late on a discussion board arrrgghh

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