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this is so i can finally get my yapping under control. sorry all who read the big status.cafe update list... i will be here a lot


leizy8499 🌈 6 days ago

eyes feel better but i have a huge knot on my back now

leizy8499 🌈 7 days ago

went go-karting today and i got so much stuff in my eyes

leizy8499 🌈 13 days ago

new about me page ... very proud love xbox360

leizy8499 🌈 14 days ago

been putting a LOT of elbow grease into my site recently. having a lot of fun :D

leizy8499 🌈 15 days ago

happy pride ! everyone be safe when going to events x

leizy8499 🙂 15 days ago

my neocities arc is now (i have returned from a monthlong hiatus)

leizy8499 🌈 50 days ago

bridal shower today and grandma-themed bachelorette party tonight ^_^

leizy8499 🌈 55 days ago

i want to do so much with my site but i'm not sure where to start

leizy8499 💤 62 days ago

the bride and her ugly ass groom

leizy8499 🌈 69 days ago

always join random neocities discord servers because that is what it is all about

leizy8499 🌈 81 days ago

new blog post !! also BIG rain in my area today yikes

leizy8499 🌈 82 days ago

please... PLEASE let me track meet get cancelled tomorrow... but also i love track so mixed feelings on this one

leizy8499 🌈 88 days ago

two year anniversary with my lovely partner is tomorrow <3

leizy8499 🌈 102 days ago

people on splat are mean tonight :( remember to be kind to other cephalopods

leizy8499 🌈 119 days ago

i think if i ever see my button on your site i'll fall in love with you

leizy8499 🍏 125 days ago


leizy8499 🍏 126 days ago

i'm so proud of my new layout guys you have no idea

leizy8499 🌈 142 days ago

feeling a WHOLE lot better after organizing the site.. also i got my friend into neocities and i'm super excited

leizy8499 ❤️ 146 days ago

i'm going to state with my trumpet solo!

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