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this is so i can finally get my yapping under control. sorry all who read the big status.cafe update list... i will be here a lot


leizy8499 🌈 2 days ago

i think if i ever see my button on your site i'll fall in love with you

leizy8499 🍏 8 days ago


leizy8499 🍏 10 days ago

i'm so proud of my new layout guys you have no idea

leizy8499 🌈 25 days ago

feeling a WHOLE lot better after organizing the site.. also i got my friend into neocities and i'm super excited

leizy8499 ❤️ 29 days ago

i'm going to state with my trumpet solo!

leizy8499 ❄️ 44 days ago

i got 4th in my bowling sectionals today !

leizy8499 ❄️ 55 days ago

i got a new keyboard and microphone (the old one broke ugh) and i love them sm i love my boyfriend

leizy8499 ✨ 57 days ago

happy new years all!!

leizy8499 ❄️ 57 days ago

watched saltburn.. definitely weird

leizy8499 ❄️ 59 days ago

microphone broke. bye $50

leizy8499 💻 60 days ago

guys i just built my girlfriend’a PC im so proud of myself (also had some help i can’t take ALL of the credit). 6 hours later i am exhausted

leizy8499 💤 61 days ago

i don't know what to do with my site now :( i need ideas please

leizy8499 ❄️ 62 days ago

friendly reminder to wear your retainer

leizy8499 ❄️ 63 days ago

guys please my dad got a rock tumbler and it is so loud

leizy8499 ❄️ 63 days ago

happy anything by adrienne lenker day

leizy8499 ❄️ 64 days ago

someone remind me to put the neonet button on my site later please

leizy8499 ❄️ 64 days ago

christmas :D

leizy8499 ❄️ 65 days ago

yay christmas eve :D happy holidays everyone

leizy8499 ❄️ 65 days ago

TOTALLY REDID THE BLOG GO LOOK NOW !!! it looks super cool i'm so proud

leizy8499 ❄️ 66 days ago

grateful for the 25 people who follow my site ;—; 25 people is a lot when you think about it :(

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