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eatsteas 🎮 7 days ago

i looooove the sims 2 so much

eatsteas 📺 11 days ago

why did i get the hunting down some music performance from 1975 autism instead of the good at science autism

eatsteas 😭 13 days ago

i wish i had a bunch of money it would really do me good rn

eatsteas 🫖 14 days ago

i ran out of tea :o(

eatsteas 😡 21 days ago

tumblr gets worse and worse every day

eatsteas 🎶 21 days ago

kraftwerk were so funny for starting a song with the lines "we're standing here exposing ourselves"

eatsteas 🧐 22 days ago

working on a new front page layout. i'm really liking it so far.

eatsteas 🥰 27 days ago


eatsteas 💤 48 days ago

idk why i dont remember my dreams anymore

eatsteas 🤐 48 days ago

so i have to take the class i failed twice as my only class in the entire semester why did i sign up for college again

eatsteas 🤒 56 days ago

bedridden today.... or well, couchridden

eatsteas 😶 60 days ago

...might go back to college actually

eatsteas 🥳 77 days ago


eatsteas 😴 87 days ago

i am a girl who is just soooooo sleepy

eatsteas 😛 94 days ago

i will drop out of college soon amen

eatsteas 😴 105 days ago

so very tired

eatsteas 🥱 121 days ago

i wish the semester would end

eatsteas 😡 127 days ago

i hate my wisdom teeth

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