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fuchi 💀 2 days ago

vscode is pissing me off rn DIEF@&# WHY WONT U WORK

fuchi 🌱 147 days ago

i want 7000 piercings right now

fuchi 🌱 157 days ago

sonny angel is going to bankrupt me

fuchi ❄️ 159 days ago

snow :D

fuchi 🌱 164 days ago

the rot has consumed me

fuchi 🌱 166 days ago

how do i even what

fuchi 🌱 168 days ago

no longer spiraling

fuchi 🌱 169 days ago

school is killing me, my art project so looks bad, and im literally gonna get fired

fuchi 🌱 170 days ago

UHHDjfjkd v4 almost done

fuchi 🍾 171 days ago

happy new year! trying to code all of V4 in time lol

fuchi 🌱 185 days ago

finally ordered hirono figures i'm so happy

fuchi 🌱 187 days ago

I love coding all of version 4 in one afternoon yayy

fuchi 🌱 200 days ago

i wanna get paid

fuchi 🌱 214 days ago

working during the whole break omfg 💀

fuchi 🌱 219 days ago

birthday blues

fuchi 🌱 221 days ago

yummy ipad

fuchi 🌱 221 days ago

2 days :)!

fuchi 🌱 223 days ago

i saw the most beautiful person ever at the mall that a will never see again in my entire life

fuchi 🌱 227 days ago


fuchi 🌱 229 days ago


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