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just a silly little dudething who likes to code...


layeredcake 🌈 7 days ago

save me.. playing music at incredibly loud volumes... save me...

layeredcake 💤 12 days ago

So sooo eepy, but at least slowly working on things :3

layeredcake 🌈 43 days ago

I'm on the sims 4 grind... sorry guys. site update in the next 500 years... perhaps

layeredcake 🙂 112 days ago

Check it out I'm in the house like carpet And if there's too many heads in my blunt I won't spark it

layeredcake 🌧️ 130 days ago

I'd love for things to get easier >.<

layeredcake 🌧️ 140 days ago

Worlds silliest guy made to attend and pay (limited) attention to university lectures...

layeredcake ❤️ 148 days ago

call me the creator the way I am creating things. as well as not doing what im supposed to be doing. peace and love!

layeredcake ❄️ 154 days ago

This class is so fucking boring god kill me right now

layeredcake 🌙 213 days ago

Need a cute boy to nurse me back to health like a baby bird.

layeredcake 🙂 268 days ago

Teammates!? Friends!? To hell with that! Why am I inferior to you!? I was extremely particular about my life, my grades, my public image!

layeredcake 🔥 269 days ago


layeredcake 👽 294 days ago

experiencing mega burnout still...

layeredcake 💻 404 days ago

i love my puter all my friends are inside it

layeredcake 🎤 413 days ago

your honour, i know this is a "murder trial" but my client has a date after this so can we please hurry up

layeredcake ❤️ 416 days ago

i love you css animations

layeredcake 🍦 431 days ago

the beautiful.. incredible.. healing power of ice cream

layeredcake 🙃 442 days ago

so many essays so little time

layeredcake 💔 456 days ago

heartbreaking: local thing has responsibilities even though it is so silly and just wants to chill

layeredcake 🐱 465 days ago

"i can fix him" yeah well i can bite his arm like a feral cat

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