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planetaryinfluence 🙂 15 days ago

i've taken so many dumb BL screenshots i think i'd like to make a BL clippings page on my site but how i code when i am so so dumb

planetaryinfluence 🎮 39 days ago

i want to work on my site so bad!!! but i spend every waking hour of my life playing stardew 1.6

planetaryinfluence 📖 48 days ago

i read so much damn BL i can't keep up with my scrapbook log

planetaryinfluence 🌈 58 days ago

oh y'all weren't kidding about the yuri in dungeon meshi huh

planetaryinfluence 📺 60 days ago

i watched uramichi oniisan and man this baby can fit so many weird fucked up prettyboys in it

planetaryinfluence 💻 76 days ago

added a footer to my site but i can't tell if i like it or hate it!!

planetaryinfluence 📖 90 days ago

updated my scrapbook to home all the ongoing bl i keep up with and realizing the amount of grass i need to touch is astronomical

planetaryinfluence 🎶 115 days ago

really into the strokes rn..... going into a post-punk revival moment methinks

planetaryinfluence 🎮 153 days ago

i need to work on my site but i can't stop playing runescape

planetaryinfluence 😭 179 days ago

i want to write lil mini essays for my site but i keep having to write big real essays for my school

planetaryinfluence 🎮 198 days ago

caved and bought fashion dreamer. i am about to be gaming on levels unknown to man

planetaryinfluence 💤 200 days ago

stayed up until 5am reading probably the worst bl i ever read peace and love on planet earth

planetaryinfluence 👀 205 days ago

i'm in love with the villainess is surprisingly so good?!?