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just a nerdy, queer lady in san francisco who cares about the internet maybe a little too much

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xandra 🌈 1 day ago

i hope you have a great day <3

xandra πŸ₯° 5 days ago

had a perfect thanksgiving

xandra 🍞 6 days ago

ready for barbecue & pie tomorrow!

xandra πŸ† 10 days ago

bivalent boosted, baby!

xandra β˜•οΈ 19 days ago

turkish coffee now being served @ <gemini://alexandras.cafe>

xandra πŸ’€ 20 days ago

what a hustle-girlboss day i had

xandra 🌈 22 days ago

rainy + cold means working from bed

xandra 🌈 23 days ago

big things coming

xandra ❀️ 26 days ago

new stockings for xmas this year - his and hers

xandra 🎁 27 days ago

i think it's officially the holidays now?

xandra πŸ’€ 30 days ago

happy halloween, friends!

xandra πŸ™ƒ 32 days ago

debating whether to redo my layout...

xandra πŸ’€ 33 days ago

halloween collection is up!

xandra πŸ’€ 33 days ago

thirsty thursday

xandra πŸ’» 40 days ago

exhausted after going into the office

xandra πŸŒ™ 44 days ago

finally home again

xandra πŸ™ƒ 59 days ago

had a fantastic start to october :)

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