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just a nerdy, queer lady in san francisco seattle who wants more people to make websites

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xandra πŸ‘½ 11 days ago

11 days... away from home...

xandra 😎 19 days ago

finally got my code jam submission in!

xandra 🀩 28 days ago

planning our next trip!

xandra 🀩 35 days ago

excited for the weekend :)

xandra ❀️ 44 days ago

the hall of favorites is now open!

xandra 🌱 51 days ago

my garden is coming along!

xandra 🌧️ 53 days ago

back in the pnw <3

xandra ❀️ 59 days ago

happy valentine's day!

xandra πŸ’” 64 days ago

heading to texas next week

xandra πŸŒ™ 71 days ago

my appointments got rescheduled so i guess i'm just taking the day off tomorrow anyway!

xandra πŸ₯Ί 75 days ago

not ready for the weekend to be over

xandra 🌱 81 days ago

home again & feeling much recharged after some time outdoors :)

xandra πŸ₯³ 88 days ago

it’s my birthday!

xandra ❄️ 92 days ago

it's snowing!!!

xandra ❄️ 94 days ago

"i sat with my anger long enough until she told me her real name was grief."

xandra πŸ§‹ 97 days ago

kicking off a productive weekend with boba + soup dumplings!

xandra ❄️ 110 days ago

merry christmas if you celebrate! happy holidays!

xandra πŸ“š 111 days ago

so stoked to read a couple of books i picked up yesterday :)

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