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32 | f | ca

just a nerdy, queer lady in san francisco seattle who cares about the internet maybe a little too much

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xandra 📰 10 days ago

finally able to tackle some projects on the to-do list now that i'm settled!

xandra 🌈 15 days ago

finally all moved in! <3 had an awesome washington welcome :)

xandra ✨ 34 days ago

SFO -> SEA commence

xandra 😎 43 days ago

moving sucks a lot!

xandra ❤️ 43 days ago

hoping you're okay!

xandra 🎮 46 days ago

playing a LOT of baldur's gate

xandra 🌱 50 days ago

planting seeds that i hope bloom next week

xandra ✨ 52 days ago

productive week of job interviews <3

xandra 🙂 57 days ago

code jam page is finally up :)

xandra 🥱 58 days ago

been so busy, can barely think

xandra 💻 67 days ago

working on the 32-bit cafe's code jam

xandra 🌈 75 days ago

back at it again with another free layout

xandra ☀️ 76 days ago

just got back from a weekend in the sun

xandra 🥹 83 days ago

almost finished with a new layout that'll be up for downloading soon!

xandra 🌈 88 days ago

you're never going to be able to please everybody, so just be happy <3

xandra 🤩 90 days ago

actually had a very productive weekend web-wise :)

xandra 🥰 93 days ago

trying to be love & light

xandra 🥹 97 days ago

love seeing all the personal projects coming

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