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just a nerdy, queer lady in san francisco seattle who wants more people to make websites

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xandra ✨ 123 days ago

try to make today better than yesterday

xandra ☕️ 132 days ago

4 new drinks @ <gemini://alexandras.cafe>

xandra 📰 139 days ago

version 5 is now live at the museum! <3

xandra 💻 153 days ago

new iteration of the museum is coming :)

xandra 💻 160 days ago

finally able to sit down and code <3

xandra 🛼 175 days ago

yay!! i finally have a car!

xandra 💡 192 days ago

after almost 10 months of unemployment, i accepted a verbal offer today!

xandra 🌧️ 199 days ago

getting a very seattle welcome my first month and i love it (it's storming)

xandra 📰 211 days ago

finally able to tackle some projects on the to-do list now that i'm settled!

xandra 🌈 217 days ago

finally all moved in! <3 had an awesome washington welcome :)

xandra ✨ 235 days ago

SFO -> SEA commence

xandra 😎 244 days ago

moving sucks a lot!

xandra ❤️ 245 days ago

hoping you're okay!

xandra 🎮 247 days ago

playing a LOT of baldur's gate

xandra 🌱 252 days ago

planting seeds that i hope bloom next week

xandra ✨ 254 days ago

productive week of job interviews <3

xandra 🙂 258 days ago

code jam page is finally up :)

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