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31 | f | ca

just a nerdy, queer lady in san francisco who cares about the internet maybe a little too much

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xandra πŸ‘€ 103 days ago

folks' status cafe layouts are SO cute. i'd love to see someone compile them somewhere!

xandra 🍱 103 days ago

incredible dinner + incredible company

xandra πŸ™‚ 104 days ago

have a minimalist layout? mayhaps the safonts webring is for you~

xandra ✨ 106 days ago

boom! version 2!

xandra πŸ’Ύ 106 days ago

new layout is coming

xandra ✨ 108 days ago

finally home and enjoying the slow <3

xandra 🐢 119 days ago


xandra 😱 120 days ago

sunday scaries

xandra πŸ”₯ 127 days ago

ending an awesome day outside with a napoleon and a blunt :)

xandra β›΅ 128 days ago

had a super productive day!

xandra ✨ 131 days ago

sucking is the first step of being sorta good at something!

xandra ❀️ 132 days ago

sending everyone lots of love.

xandra ✈️ 134 days ago

jfk. home soon.

xandra πŸ”₯ 140 days ago

can't wait for my new york trip!

xandra 😎 143 days ago

we have to get into the mainframe... i'm in

xandra πŸ₯° 145 days ago

actually getting shit done, wow!

xandra ❀️ 147 days ago

after a month, i'm back! :) nice to see all y'all again!

xandra ✈️ 180 days ago

going on a quick hiatus to move into my new place~ <3

xandra ❀️ 184 days ago

so glad to see more folks on gemini!

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