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33 | f | wa

just a nerdy, queer lady in san francisco seattle who cares about the internet maybe a little too much

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xandra 🥹 240 days ago

almost finished with a new layout that'll be up for downloading soon!

xandra 🌈 245 days ago

you're never going to be able to please everybody, so just be happy <3

xandra 🤩 247 days ago

actually had a very productive weekend web-wise :)

xandra 🥰 250 days ago

trying to be love & light

xandra 🥹 254 days ago

love seeing all the personal projects coming

xandra 🎮 255 days ago


xandra 🐶 257 days ago

last day dogsitting :(

xandra 🎮 258 days ago

i'm so late to skyrim

xandra 🐶 261 days ago

lots of love in this house rn

xandra 🥰 262 days ago

can't wait to dogsit my buddy!

xandra ✨ 269 days ago

version 4 is here <3

xandra 💻 278 days ago

home again

xandra ✈️ 279 days ago

on my way home

xandra ✈️ 286 days ago

2 more days in sicily, then on to london!

xandra 🚄 289 days ago

thank you for everything, rome & naples! onward to palermo!

xandra ✈️ 297 days ago

finally in barcelona!

xandra ⛵ 307 days ago

in the middle of the atlantic for the next 5 days <3

xandra ⛵ 317 days ago

4 day countdown to europe vacation!

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