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just a nerdy, queer lady in san francisco seattle who wants more people to make websites

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xandra ✈️ 328 days ago

on my way home

xandra ✈️ 335 days ago

2 more days in sicily, then on to london!

xandra 🚄 338 days ago

thank you for everything, rome & naples! onward to palermo!

xandra ✈️ 346 days ago

finally in barcelona!

xandra ⛵ 356 days ago

in the middle of the atlantic for the next 5 days <3

xandra ⛵ 366 days ago

4 day countdown to europe vacation!

xandra 💻 370 days ago

el chupacabra time

xandra 🍿 376 days ago

girl, we can kiki about being laid off the rest of our lives

xandra 🚄 380 days ago

planning a month-long trip is fucking exhausting

xandra 🔥 383 days ago

sabbatical starts today

xandra 😎 389 days ago

day two of straight vibin'

xandra 🌱 392 days ago

spring event finally up!

xandra 🧐 397 days ago

headaches for two days :(

xandra 🤖 399 days ago

accountability buddies are the best

xandra 💀 400 days ago

all motivation, gone, rip

xandra 🤩 405 days ago

2 months until italy

xandra 🎶 406 days ago

going to a show tonight

xandra 😶 407 days ago

planning trips can be stressful

xandra 💻 408 days ago

last month of employment

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