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just a nerdy, queer lady in san francisco seattle who wants more people to make websites

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xandra 🎢 442 days ago

going to a show tonight

xandra 😢 443 days ago

planning trips can be stressful

xandra πŸ’» 444 days ago

last month of employment

xandra ❀️ 449 days ago

officially i am a selkie dress owner! ahhh!!!

xandra ✨ 450 days ago

braved the dentist today ;-;

xandra ❄️ 452 days ago

it's too cold to go outside

xandra πŸ’» 454 days ago

listening to bald & beautiful

xandra ✨ 457 days ago

actually planning our italy trip

xandra ❀️ 459 days ago

back home from LA

xandra 😴 467 days ago

nesting & resting

xandra πŸ’» 471 days ago

indexed & categorized my keyboard parts <3

xandra ❀️ 472 days ago

hope you are happy & healthy

xandra πŸ™ƒ 475 days ago

it's burnout season

xandra πŸ’‘ 480 days ago

starting the week off with a list of things to do

xandra πŸ™ƒ 483 days ago

it's funny that at the peak of my productivity i get laid off <3

xandra 🀩 491 days ago

actually productive this week

xandra 🌈 492 days ago

birthday weekend was amazing

xandra ✨ 499 days ago

excited about my birthday weekend

xandra 🌧️ 503 days ago

weekend of rain coming

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