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just a nerdy, queer lady in san francisco seattle who wants more people to make websites

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xandra ❤️ 500 days ago

hope you are happy & healthy

xandra 🙃 503 days ago

it's burnout season

xandra 💡 508 days ago

starting the week off with a list of things to do

xandra 🙃 511 days ago

it's funny that at the peak of my productivity i get laid off <3

xandra 🤩 519 days ago

actually productive this week

xandra 🌈 520 days ago

birthday weekend was amazing

xandra ✨ 527 days ago

excited about my birthday weekend

xandra 🌧️ 531 days ago

weekend of rain coming

xandra 😭 534 days ago

got my boyfriend sick :(

xandra 💡 535 days ago

actually looking forward to starting off the year

xandra 🥳 537 days ago

happy new year!

xandra ✨ 538 days ago

so proud of all of you for making it to the end of the year <3

xandra 🤒 538 days ago

cold got me good and right before our NYE festivities :(

xandra 💀 541 days ago

end-of-year ennui between starting new hobbies

xandra 🌈 543 days ago

back from vacation~ merry chrysler!

xandra ❄️ 557 days ago

5 days until vacation

xandra ❤️ 558 days ago

happy birthday to you <3

xandra 🙂 560 days ago

joined subeta.net - it's a virtual pets site geared towards adults! add me @ xandra

xandra ⛵ 562 days ago

10 days until the cruise

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