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cinni 🌈 18 days ago

i slept so much today ★ it feels like spring, it's about to be april fools AND mercury in retrograde!!

cinni ✏️ 169 days ago

unexpectedly busy for the next two weeks.. apologies to everyone waiting on a reply from me! my head is so all over the place.. aaaah @_@

cinni 💻 215 days ago

slight layout update! it was hard to depart with this design, so instead a bit of a palette change. i call it version 4.5 :'3

cinni 👀 250 days ago

i'm completely tamagotchi/vpet obsessed lately!! went from one tama to 6 in a short time span.. do i need help? lol

cinni 🌈 260 days ago

im able to get back into my status cafe account!! yipeeee!

cinni 🌈 374 days ago

feelin a little bit better these days

cinni 🌈 383 days ago

april fool

cinni ✨ 407 days ago

doctor doubled my dose of lexapro and feeling like im on ecstasy lmao. anyways im alive

cinni ❤️ 485 days ago

grateful for everyone ive crossed paths with this year and will keep the ones ive lost in my heart. ♡ love u all

cinni ✏️ 529 days ago

long time no update! been super burnt out and depressed lately ;_; i think needs a major overhaul, but no promises on when.. ✌️

cinni 😭 581 days ago

i met the sweetest kitten today..

cinni 💀 584 days ago

absolutely swarmed by spotted lanternflys x_____x

cinni 🌱 588 days ago

new garden album is *chefs kiss*

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