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artist, hobby coder, i like to play music too sometimes.

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cinni 🤒 3 days ago

came down with a fever last night T_T im feelin a little better now but boy am i fatigued

cinni ✨ 8 days ago

done with my stupid job forever! wooooo

cinni 🌧️ 13 days ago


cinni ❤️ 16 days ago

playing katamari all day every day

cinni ✨ 18 days ago

having a well needed vacation ^w^.. ★彡

cinni 🎨 24 days ago

making things in blender.. ★彡

cinni ☕ 27 days ago

starting off my morning with some coffee and installing new things on my leprd server hehe

cinni 🍺 29 days ago

vacation starts NOW! wooo

cinni 😭 30 days ago

only one more day of work before my two week vacation.. ahh

cinni ✏️ 32 days ago

busy busy busy

cinni ✨ 36 days ago

the future is lookin...a' ok :-3

cinni 😴 41 days ago


cinni 📖 42 days ago

the weekend just started for me. whoo! currently relaxing and working on my projects ~