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cinni 🐶 368 days ago


cinni ✨ 393 days ago

the weather is so nice today.. *daydreams*

cinni 🍕 398 days ago

ordering some sushi for my borfday!! >:D

cinni 🎨 400 days ago

participating in my first big art fair this weekend O_O ahhhH!!!

cinni ✨ 414 days ago

feeling nostalgic ♡(。- ω -)

cinni 🎨 421 days ago

decided to paint today after what, 2 years? LOL. waiting for gesso to dry..

cinni ☕ 432 days ago

so sleepy today zzz

cinni 🌧️ 436 days ago

le sigh. another rejection letter

cinni 😭 448 days ago

miss my kitty </3

cinni ☕ 451 days ago

i overslept =o woops. atleast it's a nice day out

cinni 💀 468 days ago

feeling very overwhelmed

cinni 🐶 478 days ago

woke up and did all my chores. now im sitting in front of the happy light while the partner makes lunch.:-)

cinni 🎶 481 days ago

listening to music that goes beep boop beboop

cinni 🌙 487 days ago

ordered a therapy lamp... i hope it helps </3

cinni 🍕 498 days ago

head empty

cinni 🌙 500 days ago

brain can't focus on things i need to do, instead i'm starting new web projects >:3 </3

cinni 😴 505 days ago

starting to feel better from covid, but the fatigue is still getting to me. aaaaaah zzzzz....

cinni 🤒 512 days ago

came down with a fever last night T_T im feelin a little better now but boy am i fatigued

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