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cinni 🌱 623 days ago

new garden album is *chefs kiss*

cinni 🎶 624 days ago

♪ ♫ ♪i got to you, there was nothing left♪ ♫ ♪

cinni 👀 628 days ago

going to my first MTG draft today!!!!!!!! :O

cinni 🙃 632 days ago


cinni 🌧️ 638 days ago

can't stop feeling cripplingly anxious

cinni 🎶 648 days ago

listening to the roommania #203 soundtrack on repeat

cinni 🌧️ 668 days ago

went outside in the pouring rain and had a good time ^-^

cinni 👀 681 days ago

omg new chainsaw man

cinni 🥺 684 days ago

taking care of my sick pardner.. (T^T)

cinni ✨ 694 days ago

finally got the 100% items achievement in katamari!!! ・゚・\\(。✧ω✧。)//・゚・

cinni 📺 696 days ago

only 6 items away from getting the 100% items achievement in katamari...>_<''''

cinni 🍺 698 days ago

happy saturday!!! gonna get some work done while i drink a nice cold sapporo ahhhhh ╰(▔∀▔)╯

cinni 🥺 708 days ago

goodbye my first wobble, angel, i forgot to feed you.. </3

cinni 🐶 717 days ago


cinni ✨ 742 days ago

the weather is so nice today.. *daydreams*

cinni 🍕 747 days ago

ordering some sushi for my borfday!! >:D

cinni 🎨 749 days ago

participating in my first big art fair this weekend O_O ahhhH!!!

cinni ✨ 763 days ago

feeling nostalgic ♡(。- ω -)

cinni 🎨 770 days ago

decided to paint today after what, 2 years? LOL. waiting for gesso to dry..

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