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cinni 💀 575 days ago

feeling very overwhelmed

cinni 🐶 585 days ago

woke up and did all my chores. now im sitting in front of the happy light while the partner makes lunch.:-)

cinni 🎶 588 days ago

listening to music that goes beep boop beboop

cinni 🌙 594 days ago

ordered a therapy lamp... i hope it helps </3

cinni 🍕 604 days ago

head empty

cinni 🌙 606 days ago

brain can't focus on things i need to do, instead i'm starting new web projects >:3 </3

cinni 😴 611 days ago

starting to feel better from covid, but the fatigue is still getting to me. aaaaaah zzzzz....

cinni 🤒 619 days ago

came down with a fever last night T_T im feelin a little better now but boy am i fatigued

cinni ✨ 623 days ago

done with my stupid job forever! wooooo

cinni 🌧️ 628 days ago


cinni ❤️ 632 days ago

playing katamari all day every day

cinni ✨ 634 days ago

having a well needed vacation ^w^.. ★彡

cinni 🎨 640 days ago

making things in blender.. ★彡

cinni ☕ 643 days ago

starting off my morning with some coffee and installing new things on my leprd server hehe

cinni 🍺 644 days ago

vacation starts NOW! wooo

cinni 😭 645 days ago

only one more day of work before my two week vacation.. ahh

cinni ✏️ 647 days ago

busy busy busy

cinni ✨ 651 days ago

the future is lookin...a' ok :-3

cinni 😴 656 days ago


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