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Hello there! I'm currently an online college student studying Interactive Media Design.


neonriser 📺 5 days ago

I do not seek to solely consume. I seek to create.

neonriser ✏️ 18 days ago

I'm currently making a comic. Wish me luck!

neonriser 📺 38 days ago

Just watched the first episode of Dungeon Meshi on Netflix!

neonriser 🙂 47 days ago

I'm still doing well home alone!

neonriser 🙂 49 days ago

First day all home alone, with parents on vacation... It was a success. Looking forward for the second day.

neonriser 📚 71 days ago

I finally finished illustrating a cover for a children's book!

neonriser 🙂 94 days ago

I'm back, and my Wi-Fi is finally restored! Now I can check out Discord without having to use an Ethernet cable!

neonriser ✈️ 114 days ago

I'm off to vacation!

neonriser 🙂 127 days ago

Things are going great so far!

neonriser 🙂 172 days ago

I'm getting better!

neonriser 🤒 177 days ago

I just got Covid!

neonriser 🎨 193 days ago

Just made some major progress on a digital art piece!

neonriser 💀 194 days ago

Spooky Season is here!

neonriser 🍺 392 days ago

I drank a green beer today. It was good.

neonriser 🥹 399 days ago

I'm the uncle now

neonriser 🌮 446 days ago

The smell of hot chili never fails to make my mouth water.

neonriser ❄️ 460 days ago

I feel a little chilly...

neonriser 🙂 489 days ago

Making my own TCG!

neonriser 🙂 501 days ago

The babies have grown too intelligent. We need to eat them.

neonriser 🌱 638 days ago

I require growth!

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