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Hello there! I'm currently an online college student studying Interactive Media Design.


neonriser 🙂 547 days ago

The babies have grown too intelligent. We need to eat them.

neonriser 🌱 684 days ago

I require growth!

neonriser 🚄 729 days ago

The training week has ended. The real work begins.

neonriser 🙂 744 days ago

It seems like the first teenagers to appear in Wobble Town resemble rabbits or batteries... How interesting...

neonriser ✏️ 749 days ago

Currently helping someone design their business website... Wish me luck!

neonriser 👀 756 days ago

I'm ready to design people's business sites...for a living!

neonriser ✏️ 771 days ago

It's the final week of college. This means that I have to finish off the remaining assignments and prepare for the exams. Wish me luck.

neonriser ✏️ 791 days ago

Currently working on a series of college projects right now

neonriser 🔥 847 days ago

"I AM COW, MOO!" said the cow.

neonriser 🙂 863 days ago

A new semester in college, a new start!

neonriser ✏️ 897 days ago

Oh gosh, exam week! Wish me luck!

neonriser 🙂 906 days ago

<b>Hello world!</b>

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