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aquariumaesthetic ❤️ 1 day ago

I had no clue the Neocreatives webring added me. Sorry if anyone tried scrolling and couldn't find my widget! I deleted it a long time ago!

aquariumaesthetic 💀 5 days ago

I'm thinking about dressing up as Chopper from One Piece for Halloween! It's been years since I dressed up.

aquariumaesthetic ☕️ 13 days ago

My kitty passed away suddenly earlier in the month, and I'm really struggling with it during this transitional period in my life.

aquariumaesthetic 📰 41 days ago

I finally updated my blog! And there's a new commenting system! Yay!!

aquariumaesthetic 💾 86 days ago

Development of my site is on halt until after July. I may have overloaded my plate. Typical Mari behavior

aquariumaesthetic 🌈 95 days ago

sorry if my hamtaro obsession is annoying. ...on second thought, i'm not actually sorry at all. someone needs to care.

aquariumaesthetic 💻 102 days ago

I've been doing lots on my site lately. I'm learning a lot too!

aquariumaesthetic ☀️ 104 days ago

Once I finish my art fight refs, maybe I'll post them all here :)

aquariumaesthetic 🍣 112 days ago

yay!! another year around the earth for me :) i got yummy sushi today

aquariumaesthetic 🙂 114 days ago

Things are really picking up!! It's the final stretch!

aquariumaesthetic 📚 117 days ago

ah... the age old question of "did i take my professor too literally and am i doing too much?"

aquariumaesthetic 💾 123 days ago

There is something soothing about working on my website.

aquariumaesthetic 📖 124 days ago

The primal urge to ignore work and draw art fight refs instead (must resist)

aquariumaesthetic 📚 131 days ago

it's that time of the term when school is very busy... and the stakes are higher than ever! phew!