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aquariumaesthetic ❤️ 5 days ago

doing better this week. keeping my head above water and all that :)

aquariumaesthetic ❤️ 14 days ago

YAY!! I FINALLY A JOB INTERVIEW NEXT WEEK! maybe i should complain more HAHAHA

aquariumaesthetic 💀 17 days ago

im avoiding writing a new blog post because then for like the 4th month in a row, i will have to write that im jobless to the public

aquariumaesthetic 💀 27 days ago

some zoomers are in middle school but other zoomers are as old as 26 and cannot find work in this damned economy lol. guess who i am lol

aquariumaesthetic 💻 31 days ago

I want to write a blog post, but I really have like nothing to write about. Still seeking employment. Still playing video games. That's it

aquariumaesthetic ☀️ 36 days ago

feeling crazy anxious today. we're just gonna take it one step at a time :')

aquariumaesthetic ☀️ 39 days ago

"mari, you are so bad at league that you confused both the enemy and my team and got the kill. it's like the art of war." - my partner today

aquariumaesthetic 🍷 41 days ago

i need to be edgy and cringe or else i will die. yeah. it's serious.

aquariumaesthetic 💤 42 days ago

i'm getting really sick of this insomnia business

aquariumaesthetic 🌈 45 days ago

this last year, i think i improved my anatomy drawing skills a lot. the structure is a lot better than before

aquariumaesthetic 🙃 46 days ago is still not working consistently in my region. if you use it to host anything on your site, its broken for me.

aquariumaesthetic 🎲 56 days ago

Currently living life through the eyes of my Baldurs Gate 3 avatar. I will return to the real world in approximately 60 more hours. 😈

aquariumaesthetic 👽 61 days ago

My website should be working again. The transition to self hosting will be a bit of a slog, but hopefully, it will be worth it in the end.

aquariumaesthetic 🥺 64 days ago

i think my site is only broken in my region (?) I'll fix it when I can...

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