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ghostsontv 👀 5 days ago

added a button collection 2 my site.... just 4 fun

ghostsontv 🙂 12 days ago

new windows update moved everything just slightly to the right... hell on earth

ghostsontv 📺 33 days ago

thinking about the return of my beautiful wife riverdale from the football war

ghostsontv 📱 33 days ago

i have tested my site on mobile. it does not work. added an update to the main page to reflect this

ghostsontv 🤖 33 days ago

edited some stuff to make my page scale better to different desktop sizes (tested on my cintiq and my laptop). haven't tested on mobile yet!

ghostsontv 🤔 33 days ago

learning that my page does not scale well to other sized monitors... living and learning U_U

ghostsontv 💾 36 days ago

emerging from editing the marquee on my site, coughing up blood, covered in wounds, braver than the troops

ghostsontv 👽 36 days ago

doing my best over here