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ghostsontv ✨ 29 days ago

updated my guestbook because i wasn't loving the old one. this does mean the old comments are lost; sry abt that!

ghostsontv 🎶 63 days ago

new carly rae jepsen album is just all bangers

ghostsontv 🛼 63 days ago

going back in time and forcing my past self to explain why she's making me draw a car interior

ghostsontv 💻 66 days ago

thinking about ai: somnium files again

ghostsontv ✅ 69 days ago

site should be working! if anything looks fucked up try shift + refresh and see if that fixes it

ghostsontv 🌈 69 days ago

i am going to push a big site update. please hope she survives a new look

ghostsontv 👀 69 days ago

watching a video essay about OFF... i have got to make weirder art

ghostsontv 🎮 88 days ago

just caught up on scarlet hollow. please go play scarlet hollow.

ghostsontv 🥳 118 days ago

i finally finished writing video star! now just to code and draw everything @_@

ghostsontv ✨ 144 days ago

should i stop editing the site directly in neocities? yes. will i learn from my mistakes? absolutely not.

ghostsontv 😭 152 days ago

site should be fixed now! i got a little overambitious with html

ghostsontv 💀 152 days ago

broke the site, gimme a sec!

ghostsontv 👽 153 days ago

alien stage was crazy good this week

ghostsontv 🎶 157 days ago

don't try to talk to me about anything that isnt Mermaids by Florence + the Machine

ghostsontv 💡 162 days ago

added some quizzes to the writing page!

ghostsontv 💡 167 days ago

posted new thing (on tanking) on my writing page

ghostsontv 😎 170 days ago

completely overhauled my website!!!

ghostsontv 👀 192 days ago

added a button collection 2 my site.... just 4 fun

ghostsontv 🙂 200 days ago

new windows update moved everything just slightly to the right... hell on earth

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