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jassumkiddos πŸ’€ 63 days ago

I forgot to update my site in 3 weeks oops

jassumkiddos 🀩 101 days ago

I don’t think I have the mental stability to drive right now

jassumkiddos 🌈 121 days ago

We're so back πŸ”₯ I love everyone and everything

jassumkiddos πŸ˜‡ 133 days ago

You can't help someone that doesn't want to be helped

jassumkiddos πŸ™ƒ 147 days ago

omg i really am at my worst

jassumkiddos πŸ’” 150 days ago

Can he please stop giving me mixed signals...

jassumkiddos πŸ™‚ 168 days ago

I don't want to grow up

jassumkiddos πŸ™ƒ 171 days ago

Busiest week of my life :/

jassumkiddos πŸ˜› 182 days ago

Pep rally was EH. The freshmen were lame.

jassumkiddos 🌧️ 209 days ago

NVM I'm not doing good

jassumkiddos ❀️ 223 days ago

Happiest I've ever been

jassumkiddos πŸ‘½ 254 days ago

Nothing much, what's up with you?

jassumkiddos ❀️ 273 days ago

Barbie movie soon!!

jassumkiddos 🌧️ 288 days ago

Air quality poor again,,,

jassumkiddos β˜€οΈ 298 days ago

There isn't much to do over the summer, but it's better than doing work

jassumkiddos πŸ₯± 311 days ago

Sooo sleepy hooonk mi mi mi

jassumkiddos πŸ₯³ 323 days ago

Three more weeks α“šα˜α—’

jassumkiddos πŸ™‚ 325 days ago

It's okay guys I'm better now

jassumkiddos 🌧️ 329 days ago

I hate school godammit why do I have to do shit on the last few weeks

jassumkiddos 😭 337 days ago

Well now I've got too much work, and schools supposed to end in a month

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