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jassumkiddos 👽 50 days ago

Nothing much, what's up with you?

jassumkiddos 🌧️ 84 days ago

Air quality poor again,,,

jassumkiddos ☀️ 94 days ago

There isn't much to do over the summer, but it's better than doing work

jassumkiddos 🥱 107 days ago

Sooo sleepy hooonk mi mi mi

jassumkiddos 🙂 121 days ago

It's okay guys I'm better now

jassumkiddos 🌧️ 125 days ago

I hate school godammit why do I have to do shit on the last few weeks

jassumkiddos 😭 133 days ago

Well now I've got too much work, and schools supposed to end in a month

jassumkiddos 🎮 138 days ago

Playing the first 3 Silent Hill games at the same time... insanity speedrun

jassumkiddos ✨ 147 days ago

Yayyy I'm almost done with the school year <3 just have to do the AP exam and prob the final

jassumkiddos 🥱 168 days ago

too tired and i have to get my work done but i dont wanna

jassumkiddos 🙃 180 days ago

Lazy :3 stayed up late getting homework done.

jassumkiddos 🥳 181 days ago

Happy birthday to my sister!

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