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👑 they/them
💜 Moon Monarch


mavisdeluna ❤️ 47 days ago

i played forknife with my sib Kibu and it was so fun!! nwn

mavisdeluna 😂 49 days ago

added a clickable kremling to my website and i swear it's the best thing i've ever done

mavisdeluna 💀 49 days ago

me: *messes up one line of code* WHY IS IT NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!

mavisdeluna 👀 50 days ago

i got a weighted blanket... ready to be comfortably crushed while i sleep

mavisdeluna 😴 50 days ago

i am once again awake at the crack of dawn

mavisdeluna 😴 51 days ago

my body is refusing to sleep for more than 4 hours at a time LOL

mavisdeluna 💤 52 days ago

tried to reset my sleep schedule and slept 4 hours... woken up by the cats RIP

mavisdeluna 💤 53 days ago

running on little sleep but making it work!!

mavisdeluna 🌈 53 days ago

i'm finally done tweaking my css layout that i can start working on my pages!!!! victory!!!

mavisdeluna ✨ 53 days ago

CSS is genuinely one of the most difficult things i've ever tried to tackle. future self, look at this and be proud!!

mavisdeluna 💻 53 days ago

first status! coding my website, so excited <3