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Yourpuppyprince -!


yourpuppyprince 🎶 8 days ago

School starts again tomorrow, I cant keep doing this. I leave in june? july? I dont know if I can hold on till then.

yourpuppyprince 💔 11 days ago

For once in my life please let me get what I want, Lord knows, it would be the first time.

yourpuppyprince 🍞 12 days ago

I went to the store today without crying

yourpuppyprince 🌧️ 17 days ago

Im so cold but at least the rain is nice.

yourpuppyprince ✈️ 17 days ago

trynna recode my neocities homepage right now I think its going well :D

yourpuppyprince 💔 17 days ago

my boyfriend was meant to get his phone back today. He hasnt messaged me though. Im getting worried.

yourpuppyprince 🐶 18 days ago

Crying my eyes out but atleast my neocities looks pretty

yourpuppyprince 📖 19 days ago

Doing my neocities again, well, trying. The rain is nice and peaceful <3

yourpuppyprince 💔 19 days ago

All alone.. Might develop my characters a little? i should probably get rid of some? I feel like im hoarding.