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hooligan 🥰 9 hours ago

been rewatching TMNT 2003 and I'm finally at Battle Nexus yay! Usagi time :)

hooligan 😭 2 days ago

seeing RI on the cover I want for the upcoming TMNT 40th anniversary comic IT'S NOT FAIR!! it has 2003 turtles on it!!!!

hooligan 💡 7 days ago

tomorrow at work I'll be setting up the new POS system, delivery apps, and website for our restaurant expansion yay!

hooligan 💤 10 days ago

experiencing total creative block... haven't wanted to do anything for days now :(

hooligan ✨ 12 days ago

fang the hunter issue 3... :)

hooligan 💤 12 days ago

need to wake up early tomorrow bcuz the comic book store opens at 10am (it's 1:30am rn)

hooligan 😴 13 days ago

alright, I think I'm done customizing my profile for this site for now... even if it's nothing amazing ;;

hooligan ✨ 13 days ago

here we go! first status yay! hurray!