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hooligan 😴 10 days ago

12 hr shifts all week wow! busy busy summer

hooligan 💡 16 days ago

so many important things are happening at work atm that I haven't had the time to work on my website or anything else, awe :(

hooligan ☀️ 28 days ago

it's supposed to be 30°c and higher all week with a low of 20°c at night, not excited!! >:(

hooligan 💡 36 days ago

my favourite comic yter, matttt made a video abt archie sonic yay yay!

hooligan ❤️ 38 days ago

new sonic x shadow generations trailer!!!!!!!!!!

hooligan 🌈 44 days ago

happy pride month! <3

hooligan ✨ 50 days ago

unlocking stereo mode in ring racers has just been the best! I love listening to any song(s) I want while grinding time attacks

hooligan 💡 58 days ago

I've gotten the first 7 sealed stars and now I'm doing the next 7, which are much more difficult! I'm surprised I've been able to get 2...

hooligan 😭 62 days ago

rereading the final story arcs of archie sonic bcuz eggman's dozen is my favourite, so much world building and chara interactions aaaahhhhgg

hooligan ✨ 65 days ago

FINALLY got the gold medal on robotnik coaster :))) 1'23''82

hooligan ✨ 71 days ago

new pb on robotnik coaster and I'm pretty happy w/ it :) 1'25''11

hooligan ✨ 72 days ago

ring racers is so fun I don't care if I'm bad at it!!! my fastest time on robotnik coaster rn is 01'34''57 :)

hooligan ✨ 76 days ago

comic book store tomorrow :)

hooligan 💀 80 days ago

despite everything I've done for my boss I feel like all my hard work has been for nothing, I'm nothing

hooligan 😭 82 days ago

TMNT 2003 rambling but when Usagi visits Leonardo during his depression arc sjnfksjdnf;; it's sooooo good

hooligan 🥰 91 days ago

been rewatching TMNT 2003 and I'm finally at Battle Nexus yay! Usagi time :)

hooligan 😭 94 days ago

seeing RI on the cover I want for the upcoming TMNT 40th anniversary comic IT'S NOT FAIR!! it has 2003 turtles on it!!!!

hooligan 💡 98 days ago

tomorrow at work I'll be setting up the new POS system, delivery apps, and website for our restaurant expansion yay!

hooligan 💤 101 days ago

experiencing total creative block... haven't wanted to do anything for days now :(

hooligan ✨ 103 days ago

fang the hunter issue 3... :)

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