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Rock dove, rock dove, rock dove
If you're falling, flap your wings !


loneliwish 😭 1 hour ago

really really craving clam chowder in a bread bowl

loneliwish 🌈 6 hours ago

please god let me be healthy !

loneliwish 🍏 34 days ago

dusk had a greenish tinge

loneliwish ☀️ 38 days ago

double bagel breakfast is nice -,-

loneliwish 💡 38 days ago

Felt a bit confused about where I am a few times. Like on vacation when you wake up and realize you're not in your bed

loneliwish 🙃 52 days ago

my sleep is being studied tonight. . . nervous

loneliwish 🌧️ 55 days ago

nice rain tonight. gonna leave the window open a little. natural humidifier ^_^

loneliwish 💤 57 days ago

That had to be one of the shortestfeeling weekends ever

loneliwish 😭 58 days ago

Spicy mayo got in my eyes from eating gua bao. Just like The Platters sang about one wistful night in the 1950s . . .

loneliwish 🌧️ 59 days ago

Scrubbed a rock I found on a trip to the Antelope Valley with an old toothbrush under hot water. It looks a little better :D