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manyface is a system hosted by jÑőčer. our body is 24 and we like making art, writing poetry, and taking photos!


manyface πŸ‘½ 9 days ago

come see my temple, boy

manyface 🎀 12 days ago

who up extruding their michael

manyface 🌱 16 days ago

every camellia blossom, so beautiful and significant.

manyface β˜€οΈ 20 days ago

inherited an ancient machine from my grandfather and met mr. hope himself

manyface 🎀 21 days ago

nylon birkin bag hold 7-6 figures. you can talk about your dick but mine is 4 times bigger

manyface πŸ‘½ 22 days ago

get in loser we're listening to flower sun and rain and doing insane shit to this white haired twink

manyface 🎢 24 days ago

listening to speedcore turns you into a fucking idiot

manyface πŸ‘½ 27 days ago

another day volunteering at the south pole...

manyface πŸ™‚ 27 days ago

i'm on google docs cooking some DUBIOUS FOOD

manyface 😎 30 days ago

eee i secured myself a gig in march !!!

manyface 🎢 33 days ago

[hits kick drum] AMAKU HAKANAI

manyface 🎢 33 days ago

d4dj has me in a vice grip

manyface ❀️ 37 days ago

head over heels for my weaponmistress but also afflicted by dopamine blast. feeling like dj crazy beats over here

manyface 😢 41 days ago

fuck my stupid baka life

manyface πŸ‘½ 44 days ago

feeding worthless thing the contents of a henry hoover

manyface πŸ’€ 46 days ago

they call me mr. caught up on sleep on account of me being caught up on sleep

manyface πŸ’€ 49 days ago

today was so eventful... saw cirque du soleil and now chilling at my sister's house

manyface πŸ˜‚ 50 days ago

who up domesticating their creature?

manyface 🎨 50 days ago

when the hyperfocus hits and does NOT! STOP! HITTING! rip our sleep schedule

manyface 🎨 51 days ago

we wanna make stuff!!! we gotta make stuff!!!

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