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manyface is a system hosted by jáščer. our body is 24 and we like making art, writing poetry, and taking photos!


manyface 😶 4 days ago

really nervous about therapy assessment tomorrow

manyface 🎤 6 days ago

we have a gig tomorrow at a diy festival! nervous and excited !!!

manyface 🎬 13 days ago

watched paprika with my girlfriend it was dope

manyface 🎨 15 days ago

we're selling our prints at an art gallery now!!! :D

manyface 🔥 18 days ago

me and the boys smelling like an eastern orthodox church

manyface ❤️ 18 days ago

my love is like a red, red rose that’s newly sprung in june!

manyface 🌈 19 days ago

happy pride month everyone!!! :D

manyface ❤️ 21 days ago

i promise you the life of a red wound.

manyface 😯 21 days ago

why oh why did i decide to update all the fonts on all the pages without using stylesheets

manyface 🎨 23 days ago

we got the prints of our art back and they look so fucking COOL AND AWESOME life is good and swagulous

manyface 🎬 26 days ago

watched belle tonight! i liked it! ^v^ it’s been so long since we’ve watched a movie on our own!

manyface 🌙 26 days ago

today has been a good day! we're getting artwork printed, bought art supplies and books, got a haircut, and went to an art gallery!

manyface ☀️ 27 days ago

aoku saku hana, hi wa tomori, ame ni nagareru

manyface 🤔 28 days ago

groinkers’ guild

manyface 🍔 28 days ago

frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog i am so HUNGRY

manyface 😴 28 days ago

i’m soooo eepy and a bit cranky bc everything keeps fucking happening. but. i finished a really cool painting for my best friend!!

manyface ✨ 29 days ago

just ate some pasta that restored my health and magic points so hard, absolutely bussin meal. now the world is bright and beautiful again :)

manyface 🌱 30 days ago

but just like that, my late bouquets are back in bloom - and all it took, a little look across the room!

manyface 💤 33 days ago

feeling absolutely shattered. wanted to go outside and take photos but at this point? would rather stay in bed

manyface 💤 33 days ago

need my housemate to stop having extremely loud sex

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