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jordie 🤔 11 days ago

when men do hetero handshake things to me

jordie 🤐 11 days ago

is therapy a psyop as well

jordie 🎨 11 days ago

escaping the clout carnival

jordie ⛵ 13 days ago

no to digital nomad, yes to bicoastal b*tch

jordie 😶 16 days ago

creative industry psyop

jordie 💻 18 days ago

is it time… to lock in… ?

jordie 🧐 20 days ago

can’t wait to be home… and begin scheming

jordie 😭 20 days ago

ppl in vietnam only know oregon as ‘the place in america without sales tax’

jordie 🤐 22 days ago

it’s soo hard not to be annoying online whilst traveling alone

jordie 💔 23 days ago

crying into my egg coffee

jordie ✈️ 25 days ago

i want to go back to my apartment but not back to my life

jordie 😶 26 days ago

can't tell if im home sick or if my tummy just hurts

jordie ✈️ 27 days ago

food poisoning but make it international

jordie 🍔 28 days ago

is it bad i get the ick when i see a yt person in vn? i don’t even live here

jordie 🥱 38 days ago

taking a break from my vacation..

jordie 🏂 39 days ago

running from my problems!

jordie 🌈 41 days ago

i see your northern lights and raise you cloud iridescence

jordie 🥺 42 days ago

feeling shy at the rave

jordie 💀 44 days ago

almost got into a scam taxi ride immediately landing in saigon lmao pray for me

jordie 🎶 50 days ago

i love the airport pianist

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