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Ok i give up messing with this html w/e man


rawpickles 🥹 11 days ago

me looking at my old art i drew: god i wish i knew how to draw

rawpickles 🤔 11 days ago

i want to draw but i also dont wanna draw uurghh

rawpickles 🥰 12 days ago

aaa a.v. dossow played my game im so embarrassed but also giddy woahwoaoaahhghdafsjfa

rawpickles 😴 17 days ago

tfw u have all these convoluted conditional branches for a simple event check hflkahhhladgdf

rawpickles 😶 18 days ago

lowkey panicking at the fact that a streamer might play my game and aaasdhfkhdkh

rawpickles 🤔 26 days ago

thinking of making an account on tungl just for horror/creepy art... i haven't drawn much in general but i do think abt horror stuff often

rawpickles ✈️ 28 days ago

who else got that thang on 'em? (that thang = ouid)

rawpickles 🤔 29 days ago

sometimes think abt makin a page ft. VNs i've played but idk if im ready to tell the world abt that u _ u;

rawpickles 💡 29 days ago

been meaning to set up a new page for a gallery bt id need 2 make a few pages to get iframes to work properly n also i havent drawn in 5ever

rawpickles 💤 34 days ago

things have been going eerily ok lately....mayb bc ive been distracting myself with gamedev stuff hmm

rawpickles 😶 51 days ago

Srry for not updates in so long, lots of le trauma~ u kno how it b u _ u;

rawpickles 🙃 89 days ago

bday in 2 days jesus christ someone h elp me

rawpickles ✨ 91 days ago

i think that maybe there are things that you would not even believe

rawpickles 😭 97 days ago

Just got done watching all of "Made in Abyss" series.... ; _ ; jesus christ

rawpickles ✨ 101 days ago

could really go for some glass noodles rn...

rawpickles 💔 112 days ago

sometimes think abt makin a new server for me to try n make friends...........

rawpickles ✨ 113 days ago

sumtimes i think abt how b4 i knew i was autistic, people in my life probly thought i was attracted to them when i was just O _ O <autism>

rawpickles 🤒 121 days ago

might be a herniated disc in my back...rly hoping for better news but we'll see...

rawpickles 💔 126 days ago

yeah, pulled my back rly badly (': havent been able to do much for a whole week lmao

rawpickles ✨ 132 days ago

doing a lil chore definitely helps clear my mind a bit ;w; takE THAT EXECUTIVE DYSFUNCTION

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