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Ok i give up messing with this html w/e man


rawpickles 🍕 22 days ago


rawpickles 🥰 24 days ago

(dusts this thang off) despite a rocky start to the year, things are starting to look up ; _ ; bleas let this b a good yearrr

rawpickles 🍾 83 days ago

Happy fREAMKING NEW YEAR, KIDS! My game is finally released, its super duper short but hey, it's finished and that's a plus 2 me (:

rawpickles ✨ 100 days ago

Long-time, no update lol... My game will most likely only be a few minutes long, despite how much time I spent on making it _(:3」∠)_

rawpickles 😭 115 days ago

It was 80°F yesterday and now it's 48°F today, u can't keep messin with the weather like this with me blease

rawpickles 🌧️ 120 days ago

Had to turn the AC back on, blease let the cool weather come back.......

rawpickles 🌧️ 124 days ago

Going to take another break from social media....neocities my beloved help me heal

rawpickles 🙃 126 days ago

was making an art blog worth it?

rawpickles 🌧️ 127 days ago

Daily reminder to take ur prescribed meds, kiddos!!

rawpickles ☕️ 129 days ago

time 2 play: Is it hypoglycemia or just 2 much coffeeee

rawpickles 😶 129 days ago

The day is going by ok so far ; w ;

rawpickles 🌧️ 132 days ago

You know how it b

rawpickles 🌧️ 132 days ago

not much better but WELL...

rawpickles 🍱 135 days ago

I'm so ready for the pork-belly soup my husband is making im so hungr y

rawpickles 🌈 135 days ago

僕は不安ですよう、でも 僕はいつもの 不安毎日ですよう

rawpickles 🌧️ 135 days ago


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