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Ok i give up messing with this html w/e man


rawpickles ✨ 7 days ago

been working on some pages behind the scenes on my site- ty for your patience ;w;/

rawpickles ❤️ 13 days ago

i love it when women.................

rawpickles ✨ 20 days ago

Thank you to all the ppl who checked out my game entry! ^w^/ I'll try n do web update(s) later next week!

rawpickles 🥰 25 days ago

when a gamedev u admire likes ur game: ^_^ hehehehe

rawpickles 💤 26 days ago

sleepy but also kind of numb. Maybe i can get some work done around the house 2morrow u _ u;

rawpickles 🌧️ 28 days ago

i hate being mentally ill anyone else want to trade brains

rawpickles ✨ 28 days ago

new gamepage update on my site + newest and (hopefully) stable build on my game ;w;/

rawpickles ✨ 31 days ago

Gamejam entry is released!! I'll make a gamepage er...page... about it on my site at a later date! I'm wiped out x _ x

rawpickles ✨ 33 days ago

I haven't forgotten abt my site or anything!! I've just been rly crunching it for the gamejam aaa

rawpickles 🌧️ 44 days ago

Suuper exhausted but it's my husband's "friday" today, so I'm excited abt being with him ^ w ^/

rawpickles 🌧️ 48 days ago

I really need to remind myself about taking breaks for my mental health

rawpickles ❤️ 53 days ago

it's so amazing to feel heard and seen by other adults with autism <3 ; _ ;

rawpickles ✨ 54 days ago

Can't sleep...must gamedev....

rawpickles ❤️ 59 days ago

Happy valmumtimes day!

rawpickles 💤 59 days ago

Woke up from a nap with nausea, this is NOT how it feels to chew 5 gum

rawpickles 😡 60 days ago

say w/e about me, but if someone says something transphobic to my husband I'll [REDACTED]

rawpickles 🌧️ 61 days ago

uh oh, stinky! (it's a lie down and crie all day kinda day lmao)

rawpickles 🥳 66 days ago

It's my husbands bday!!!!! ^ w ^ <3 <3

rawpickles 🌙 70 days ago

Trying to feel optimistic after therapy auugh it's almost like it's working??? ; _ ;

rawpickles 👽 73 days ago

feel kinda ??? in a daze suddenly. brain fog yippiee

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