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Ok i give up messing with this html w/e man


rawpickles 🌧️ 85 days ago

Suuper exhausted but it's my husband's "friday" today, so I'm excited abt being with him ^ w ^/

rawpickles 🌧️ 89 days ago

I really need to remind myself about taking breaks for my mental health

rawpickles ❤️ 94 days ago

it's so amazing to feel heard and seen by other adults with autism <3 ; _ ;

rawpickles ✨ 95 days ago

Can't sleep...must gamedev....

rawpickles ❤️ 100 days ago

Happy valmumtimes day!

rawpickles 💤 100 days ago

Woke up from a nap with nausea, this is NOT how it feels to chew 5 gum

rawpickles 😡 101 days ago

say w/e about me, but if someone says something transphobic to my husband I'll [REDACTED]

rawpickles 🌧️ 102 days ago

uh oh, stinky! (it's a lie down and crie all day kinda day lmao)

rawpickles 🥳 107 days ago

It's my husbands bday!!!!! ^ w ^ <3 <3

rawpickles 🌙 111 days ago

Trying to feel optimistic after therapy auugh it's almost like it's working??? ; _ ;

rawpickles 👽 114 days ago

feel kinda ??? in a daze suddenly. brain fog yippiee

rawpickles ✨ 116 days ago

still nervous abt the next gamejam- I think I'm gunna end up winging a lot of it ; _ ;

rawpickles ✨ 119 days ago

Sitting at my comp for the first time in 2 weeks is still quite painful but !! i wanted to update my site aaa

rawpickles 💤 134 days ago

every day i wake up and think: "i wish i had a pet Hercules beetle"

rawpickles 🤒 136 days ago

aUUGH me n my husband are sick with a cold now ; _ ;

rawpickles 💔 136 days ago

i miss having friends lmao dam

rawpickles 😭 139 days ago

so brave of me to talk 2 my neighbor after they took a while borrowing our outdoor outlet (is scared of confronting men lmao)it was fine tho

rawpickles 🥳 141 days ago

Me and my husband couldn't rly celebrate on new years, so we're doing it tonight instead!! AAA IM EXCITED ^w^ <3

rawpickles 🥳 143 days ago

Hope ya'll had a happy new year! I'm so happy to have my husband in my life and I can't wait to spend many more years together!! <3<3

rawpickles 🥹 148 days ago


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