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Ok i give up messing with this html w/e man


rawpickles 🥳 52 days ago

omfg i think i might've finally figured out how to do an rss feed with help from a fellow site user aaaaa

rawpickles 🤔 53 days ago

thought abt changin my neocities username to smth else till i realized i'd have to change my site button 😔 nvm

rawpickles 🙃 54 days ago

gotta remember to take my meds in the AM;; sleeping only 2-3hrs at night ; _ ;

rawpickles 🎶 55 days ago

replaying one of my fave MV games: Gaia's Melody: Echoed Melodies ^w^ ♪

rawpickles 🌙 57 days ago

starting a new medication ; _ ;

rawpickles 💤 57 days ago

僕は眠いです 眠い瞬時ですよ! ((ごめん、日本語はちょっといます))

rawpickles 🍱 57 days ago


rawpickles 💤 58 days ago

s tayed up too late sleep time...

rawpickles 💤 58 days ago

can't sleep... but I'm makin' curry tonight (:<

rawpickles ❤️ 59 days ago

<3 Husband home for the weekend <3

rawpickles 🙃 61 days ago

Nothin like goin to the Drs for the first time in 6 months aaa a

rawpickles 🍕 97 days ago


rawpickles 🥰 99 days ago

(dusts this thang off) despite a rocky start to the year, things are starting to look up ; _ ; bleas let this b a good yearrr

rawpickles 🍾 157 days ago

Happy fREAMKING NEW YEAR, KIDS! My game is finally released, its super duper short but hey, it's finished and that's a plus 2 me (:

rawpickles ✨ 175 days ago

Long-time, no update lol... My game will most likely only be a few minutes long, despite how much time I spent on making it _(:3」∠)_

rawpickles 😭 189 days ago

It was 80°F yesterday and now it's 48°F today, u can't keep messin with the weather like this with me blease

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