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Just Some Guytm
I like coding and making art


someone 😢 27 days ago

Waiting for my laundry to finish drying in the dryer.

someone πŸ™‚ 67 days ago

I've got /Reese's Pieces

someone πŸ€” 95 days ago

I put on cologne and now I am regretting it.

someone πŸ™‚ 96 days ago

Just updated the css on my profile

someone πŸ™‚ 114 days ago

On an Amtrak home from vacation.

someone πŸ™‚ 116 days ago

I’m on a trip to new New York right now.

someone πŸ’Ύ 130 days ago

I wanna make pixel art for a project.

someone πŸ’” 153 days ago

I finished watching falsettos.

someone πŸ“Ί 162 days ago

I liked the new episode of Loki.

someone 🐢 178 days ago

I got to see someone's puppy today!

someone πŸ” 182 days ago

Just had some food.

someone πŸ›Ό 184 days ago

my shirt smells like mothballs even though I washed it.

someone 🀐 189 days ago

Just found out that most people don’t directly use the neocities for coding their sites.

someone 😢 194 days ago

Just saw Neil Gaiman on stage, It was very fun. I am kind of scared of the click-clack rattle bag, though.

someone πŸ’€ 204 days ago

Boy oh boy did I sleep bad last night!

someone πŸ₯± 212 days ago

I’m tired