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Here is my wobble Gwyneth!


melyanna 😴 66 days ago

It's been a while. I am tired and feeling a bit discouraged, a bit meh. Looking forward to the end of this week.

melyanna 💤 97 days ago

I woke up early and now I am already tired...

melyanna 💻 98 days ago

Experimenting for 3 months with a high interests saving account.

melyanna 🌧️ 99 days ago

It's been raining all day. All I want to do is sleep, but it's too late for a nap, I think.

melyanna 💻 99 days ago

Working on my goals for 2024. I would like to journal more often than I did last year.

melyanna 🫖 138 days ago

Time for more tea.

melyanna 💻 152 days ago

Happy Monday! I have no energy today. I tried to write and tidy up my notes, but my brain is blank. -_-

melyanna 😴 155 days ago

Test results came back and it's all fine. I was worrying for nothing - though it doesn't explain my random pain. Anyway, I need more sleep!

melyanna 🫖 157 days ago

Blood has been drawn (for my tests, I didn't duel anyone) and now I can enjoy a cup of tea.

melyanna 🥺 158 days ago

Still anxious and in some pain (seems better than yesterday though). I keep waking up from nightmares with my heart racing. :(

melyanna 😶 159 days ago

Back to Italy. Glad that the sun is shining. I am a bit worried about my health. Have some tests booked for Weds morning. Nervous!

melyanna 😴 163 days ago

It feels good to be able to rest!

melyanna 🥗 165 days ago

Starting my time off with some nice vegan Korean food.

melyanna 💻 165 days ago

Happy Halloween! Currently at work but I'll be off for a few days soon.

melyanna 🥹 166 days ago

Had a light meal earlier because I wasn't hungry. Of course I am famished now, but can't eat until way later as I still have work to do!

melyanna 😴 172 days ago

I am always feeling tired recently. I've been working really hard and the dark Finnish sky doesn't help.

melyanna ❄️ 187 days ago

It's been a while! Currently freezing in Finland.

melyanna 🍕 243 days ago

Pizza and beer for dinner to chear myself up!

melyanna 🔥 243 days ago

It's so hot over here right now, it's hard to do things.

melyanna 🙂 248 days ago

went for a walk during lunch break. It was really nice. I feel much better when I can go outside and get some fresh air.

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