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Here is my wobble Gwyneth!


melyanna ❤️ 2 days ago

Slept poorly. Have a bad case of "The Mondays". And it's really dark outside already. I am, however, quite happy of where I am.

melyanna 😭 5 days ago

My parents dog passed away. He was old and recently quite ill, but it's still sad.

melyanna 😭 5 days ago

My stat here in Finland is almost over (just 12 more days) and I don't want to leave.

melyanna ☕️ 7 days ago

Time for coffee!

melyanna 😴 8 days ago

This has been *the longest* day. Time to go to sleep.

melyanna 😶 8 days ago

Utterly unmotivated. About to have a large cup of coffee, see if that wakes me up a bit.

melyanna 😴 9 days ago

How it only Monday?

melyanna ❄️ 9 days ago

It's been snowing the past weekend and everything looks white, fluffy and frozen. I love it, but only because I don't have to go outside...

melyanna 🫖 13 days ago

Need more tea...

melyanna ❄️ 14 days ago

Working from under a blanket, it's so cold here!

melyanna 🎶 14 days ago

Went to see Magic Sword last night, it was amazing!

melyanna ❤️ 16 days ago

Had an amazing weekend. Finland is absolutely stunning when the weather is not crap.

melyanna ❤️ 21 days ago

Had a lovely lunch with falafel, tzatziki and pita. Everything but the pita was made from scratch. It was amazing!

melyanna ❤️ 21 days ago

It's dark and cold in Finland but I don't even care because I am so happy over here!

melyanna 😯 21 days ago

@theglittersalamango My family is further North and they didn't feel it, but I read it was strong! I hope you are OK.❤️

melyanna 🥰 23 days ago

Cold and tired, but still very happy to be here!

melyanna ❤️ 23 days ago

Well, I am just happy.

melyanna 🥱 28 days ago

The past couple of days have been really busy at work! I actually like to be busy but boy am I tired right now.

melyanna ✈️ 29 days ago

Just finished packing for my trip to Finland. Excited! It was hard to fit 3 weeks worth of winter clothes in one small suitcase. 💀

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