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Here is my wobble Gwyneth!


melyanna 🤒 6 hours ago

I feel I am on the verge of crying. Just the physical sensation, my mood is fine. It happens sometimes when I have a cold.

melyanna 🌱 12 hours ago

Time for a little walk outside!

melyanna 🔥 1 day ago

Sitting in the dark, hoping to make the room at least 1°C cooler.

melyanna 😶 2 days ago

Spent this morning submitting paperwork required for some tax deduction. I have had more fun. Like last month during surgery...

melyanna 📖 3 days ago

Time to unwind with some meditation and a book.

melyanna ✏️ 3 days ago

I wrote a little script to maintain my gemlog -> gemini://

melyanna 😶 3 days ago

Bored. But I don't have the energy to do anything productive.

melyanna 😴 3 days ago

Day 4 of my holiday and I still feel tired and sleepy as heck. It's also really hot here, so hard to find the energy to do anything, really.

melyanna 🔥 4 days ago

It's super hot here. Trying to combat it by drinking cold lemon water.

melyanna 😴 17 days ago

Tired! I need a holiday...

melyanna 📖 24 days ago

Off to do some reading before bed.

melyanna 😱 26 days ago

Just heard the printer make a very suspicious noise...

melyanna 💀 29 days ago

I am next level tired. Some personal bad news and lots of work. I need a break!

melyanna 😴 30 days ago

Very sleepy, but also very anxious. Which one will win? Time to go to bed and hope my brain cooperates!

melyanna ✏️ 30 days ago

Testing posting from mobile!

melyanna 😂 30 days ago

I have been grumpy about how adding my Now updates into the html page is uncomfortable, and it *just* occurred to me now to use txt and cat.

melyanna 🍕 30 days ago

Getting a snack!

melyanna ✏️ 30 days ago

Checking the Status Updater bookmarklet.

melyanna 🥳 30 days ago

Hello World! Here is my first post.