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Here is my wobble Gwyneth!


melyanna 🙃 290 days ago

Went for a nice run earlier and enjoyed it! When I am not running however I am always feeling a mix of angry, sad, and anxious.

melyanna 📖 291 days ago

I am back. Reading The Daily Stoic and Fangirl. Both provide a lot of comfort to me.

melyanna 🥱 326 days ago

I am kind of back!

melyanna 💀 374 days ago

Just a little tired...

melyanna ☕️ 375 days ago

I may have accidentally made my coffee a tad too strong...

melyanna 🌧️ 378 days ago

Busy, tired, and feeling defeated.

melyanna 🌈 380 days ago

I love it when the birds come out after it's been raining and I can hear them sing.

melyanna 💤 382 days ago

Sleep time...

melyanna 🥗 382 days ago

I had a lovely meal of rice with veggies and a nice tea afterwards: I feel very relaxed!

melyanna 😭 386 days ago

I am done with today! But today's not done with me yet looks like...

melyanna 🌧️ 388 days ago

It is raining heavily and the sound of rain is very soothing. Time to go to sleep.

melyanna 🥗 388 days ago

Today it feels like I only update about food, but it is indeed time to cook some pasta. :)

melyanna 🍱 389 days ago

Enjoying my home made risotto with fresh veggies.

melyanna 💤 389 days ago

Time to go to sleep! I am glad it's a day off tomorrow. Goodnight!

melyanna 🍺 389 days ago

Time to enjoy a beer to end April and start my healthy month tomorrow!

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