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lurns 🎬 9 days ago

i have no idea what the movie 'ghost ship' is supposed to be - started off so campy and then just fell off

lurns 🍱 25 days ago

it's sushi monday and while i'm psyched i want more flamin hot + sour cream ruffles

lurns 🧀 44 days ago

i just want to eat flamin hot + sour cream ruffles

lurns ✨ 72 days ago

my shiny teeth and me

lurns ✅ 187 days ago

eating all my fav meals this weekend 🦀🦐🌽🥔🍗

lurns 💀 190 days ago

cloud infrastructure is killing me

lurns 🙂 198 days ago

feelin like garbage right before my days off 🎵 life is unfair 🎵

lurns 🥱 228 days ago


lurns ❄️ 235 days ago

what the snow doin

lurns ❄️ 240 days ago

it's snowing the perfect amount to look nice but also not be a burden !

lurns 💔 243 days ago

i have been tracking these new balances for a month+ and now the only sizes missing are mine wtf

lurns 😭 246 days ago

there's too much to learn !!!

lurns 🥱 252 days ago

whew what a week! i'm pooped. ready for the weekend1!

lurns ✅ 275 days ago

manic holiday energy

lurns 👽 298 days ago

deeply surprised that my spotify didn't get too ruined from all the driving i did over the weekend

lurns 😱 308 days ago

the next few weeks are so busy, but i'm glad to spend time supporting the ppl i love <3

lurns 🎮 313 days ago

cozy day w/ laundry, soup dumplings, and skyrim