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old account


ruili 💡 43 days ago


ruili 🤒 106 days ago

visited my girlfriend recently but i already miss them so much

ruili 😎 163 days ago

GOT A JOBBB!! also really looking forward to the end of the semester so i can update my website properly again

ruili 🤒 166 days ago

non stop cycle of feeling miserable LMFAOOO my voice is hoarse now. greattt

ruili 👽 188 days ago

healed from being sick but my wrist is killing me yaaass #tendinitisbabe

ruili 🌧️ 196 days ago

caused an enormous ruckus because i was on pms and extremely anxious. i just hope we can be friends again. im also sick so thats great

ruili 🧐 217 days ago

got this account back somehow?? anyway uni is kicking my ass and ill see my girlfriend soon everything is happening all at the same time lol

ruili 🤩 474 days ago

just finished updating the layout yasss