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lilithpride 🌧️ 374 days ago

DID NOT get the job after all. im done im just gonna focus on uni rn. also sidem is about to die and im miserable. whatever

lilithpride 🤔 388 days ago

apparently got the job? but also had such a bad day lol

lilithpride 🌧️ 397 days ago

ended up not getting a job. the agency fucked me over...

lilithpride 👽 418 days ago

just took ritalin but i still feel confused and overwhelmed instead of... idk feeling normal :(

lilithpride 💀 424 days ago

finished reading the craziest manhwa in my life

lilithpride 🤐 425 days ago

lost my old status cafe account so this is the new one </3 im sure i can get it back by asking the admins but i just really dont bother rn