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real life internet human bean


lazybones 🙃 6 days ago

Reminder to self: The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

lazybones 👀 7 days ago

ok so hear me out, IG layout but .gifs

lazybones 💤 16 days ago

earplugs + eye mask = best sleep

lazybones 💀 39 days ago

The boys throw stones at the frogs for sport, but the frogs die in earnest

lazybones 🐶 57 days ago

I was too shy to ask someone if I could pet their puppy and now I fear I will regret it for the rest of my days.

lazybones ✨ 69 days ago

Stop blaming yourself. Learn feng shui and blame the furniture.

lazybones 🐱 80 days ago

Oh, P. You cannot care for the world, you can care for YOUR world.

lazybones 🐶 84 days ago

the unreliable narrator

lazybones ✏️ 93 days ago

every body has a name

lazybones 🎲 95 days ago

I am what I think you think I am.

lazybones ✨ 125 days ago

the best days were the best days

lazybones 🤐 129 days ago

ah yes, the fine line of being vulnerable and oversharing. how to navigate?

lazybones 🌱 133 days ago

I'm trying my best and sometimes my best isn't good enough

lazybones 🧐 142 days ago

tired, but not tired.

lazybones 🤒 155 days ago

idk if i'm getting sick or if i'm just being really lazy

lazybones 👀 166 days ago

7 interviews for a job. Is that normal?

lazybones 😭 183 days ago

My lettuce has bolted but I don't have the heart to pull them up.

lazybones 🐶 187 days ago

Why aren't more people on piclog? I demand to see more pet pictures.

lazybones 🤔 212 days ago

maybe today is the day i update my website.

lazybones 💤 249 days ago

There isn't enough time in the day.

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