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real life internet human bean


lazybones 💀 3 hours ago

tired of having to figure out dinner every night for the rest of my life

lazybones 😭 3 days ago

graffiti alias: crylady

lazybones 🌙 15 days ago

can't fight the moonlight

lazybones 😛 22 days ago

Went to my first restaurant since the-before-times! I love eating food I didn't have to make myself.

lazybones 👀 25 days ago

observing > participating

lazybones ✏️ 44 days ago

note to self: if you cannot help at least do no harm

lazybones 🌧️ 46 days ago

scary rain storms scare me

lazybones 📖 48 days ago

renewed my library book for the 2nd time. i am a slow reader.

lazybones 💀 50 days ago

afraid of living. afraid of dying. existential dread at 100%

lazybones 🤒 64 days ago

Spent the day scrubbing the back deck and now my back hurttttsssss.

lazybones 🐶 76 days ago

Gotta work, don't wanna work.

lazybones 💀 76 days ago

what am I doing with my life?

lazybones 🤖 80 days ago

fighting sleep but sleep always wins

lazybones 🤒 83 days ago

I have a tummy ache :(

lazybones 😎 87 days ago

wrong. it was actually burger night but i'm cool with that too.

lazybones 🍕 88 days ago

bless. it's pizza night.

lazybones 💡 88 days ago

why anything ever?

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